Looks like a bracelet, plays like an iPod

"Apparently, Apple fanboys (and girls) are determined not to let the iPod fade away into obscurity and let Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's prophecy come true where he predicts the music player's death.

With the sleekness and sexiness of most recent iPods, or the extreme portability of the old minis, Indian designer Gopinath Prasan, creator of the iBangle, must've wondered how to go about turning it up a notch and make the iPod a wearable fashion accessory as well as a functional one."

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C_SoL3622d ago

That's a good idea. Just add a wireless bluetooth headset and a small display on the bracelet and your set. (Which there already planning to do I bet.)

Raoh3622d ago

this could be huge if pushed to the fitness/sports costumers.

great for runners, gyms etc...