GOA : Gears 2 matchmaking update coming

GOA Writes : By now you know that there are some issues with the matchmaking system in Gears 2. People have experienced long waits, as much as 45 minutes for a game to start, which is ridiculous.

Well, Rod Fergusson, Senior Producer of Gears 2, put an official post up in the Gears of War forums. Click read more to see what he had to say.

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P4KY B3624d ago

Yet people still complain that its underpowered.

Voozi3623d ago

The people crying about the shotty are the ones who ran around in Gears 1 rolling and blind firing with it, they're just sad that they actually have to AIM a gun to get kills now and work for imagine that, aiming your gun to get your kills lol.

So when ever I see someone crying about it in 2, I just tell em to go back to Gears 1 lol

ceedubya93623d ago

I don't know how many complaining threads I've seen about the shotgun. It is funny how it still gets most of the kills. I'll admit it feels a bit weird compared to the first game, but its not as bad as people made it out to be. You just have to get used to it, and aim it instead of rolling and hip firing.

3623d ago
DarkSniper3623d ago

Queers of Bore 2 has to be one of the most disappointing titles Dark Sniper has ever laid his eyes on. Visually, it's very sore on the eyes as the game suffers from terrible draw distance and frame rate hiccups. Online is even more atrocious simply because it's unplayable. Microsolaves have shown much more hypocrisy when it comes to issues like this. They're not willing to wait on mandatory PS3 game installs, but yet they will wait 45-60 minutes in order to join an online match in their favorite Xbox 360 game.

Queers of Bore 2 is a severely flawed franchise that needs a boost with PS3 hardware. When Gears of War 3 is announced as a multiplatform title, Dark Sniper definitely thinks it will get the critical acclaim it's looking for.


Man_of_the_year3623d ago

Thats the way to go!! Keep promoting you the PS3...i am sure you will receive the Sony check soon with all this hard work you are doing. Seems a bit of a desperate move to try and get people to buy a you really think Sony is this desperate to try and sell some consoles...well they are in 3rd...maybe they are.

Pennywise3623d ago

Man of the minute, and your MS check will not be coming. Keep it up!

mesh13622d ago

hey mr slit eye is back hahahahah

JeffGUNZ3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Dark Sniper, you are the biggest nerd I have ever come across online. Has anyone else noticed this moron refers to himself in the third person? Dark Sniper needs to find a girlfriend. "Queers of bore 2"? That doesn't even make any sense. "Microslaves", what? You know what was funny about 15 years ago? It was people taking words and keeping half of them correct and changing the other half of the word to something that is unfunny and unclever. How can you say it is visually poor? You are either A) color blind or B) Have the eyes of Hellen Keller. The only thing PS3 would do for Gears of War 3 would be to lower the sales. Sony is AWFUL at advertising and that is the only thing that will bring down Killzone 2. The game will be great, but the advertising is a joke. Dark Sniper, if you are a PS3 fanboy, then go to your articles and stop commenting in Xbox related threads. Dude, stop talking in the third person, you sound like a gigantic nerd.

likeaboss3023623d ago

My friend who is a Gears nut is really disappointed with Gears 2 Online play. This should at least address one of his complaints.

topshonuff3622d ago

I'm just complaining about getting kicked off on a multiplayer game, that all ready started.. It's not that you get kicked off, but affects everybody still playing, and your rank.. You loose points for quitting, not on purpose some times.. And your team gets out-numbered.. Why can't they just put Bots in the game automatically.. If you can't get even number games, just put a "Bot" in there.. It's an Individual ranking system, so if the bots kick-your ass, then no harm done than you killing the "Bot".. But it makes team stay even and match-making faster.. I still thing COD4 is way better on multiplayer side.. Get everybody in a room, and gets split down even.. Then the everybody stays together till everybody leaves.. Genius I say.. Well, just like COD4 last year they had problems too..

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