Last Days for Ensemble: Halo Wars Interview

It's end of days for Ensemble Studios. The developer most famous for its Age of Empires real-time strategy series on the PC is in its last few months of wrapping up Halo Wars. Normally, that's good news for both gamers and the people working on the game -- except the finish line here will probably see more tears than sighs of relief.

The studio is shutting down after Halo Wars ships this February for the Xbox 360. And while discussing that near future nearly makes their eyes well up and voices crack, they're also gung-ho about going out with a bang that can only be matched by a certain galaxy-annihilating alien artifact. See what Lead Writer Graeme Devine and Lead Designer Dave Pottinger have to say about their near-finished project, the team's last few months together, and Microsoft's decision to close their shop.

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