Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Release Date Confusion

There's confusion over the release date of the recently-renamed Unreal Tournament 3 today, after Midway sent out a new fact sheet listing the PlayStation 3 version of the shooter down for release in 2008, with PC and Xbox 360 versions still penned for Q4 2007.

CVG has since contacted Midway who told them that as of now the release dates of all three UT3 versions are standing firm at Q4 2007, so it looks like the PS3 version might not be delayed after all.

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anonymous4904d ago

Don't release a FPS close to HALO 3 on the 360. Oh well EPIC's sales will hurt from this.

DJ4904d ago

and I can see why people were freaking out, going "So that's why they changed it from '2007' to 3!" There's no reason for the PS3 version to be delayed, especially since it was the first version to be revealed (E3 05).

andy capps4904d ago

Honestly I didn't buy the PS3 version being delayed when I saw the new "confirmation" from Midway. The PS3 version was the first version to be shown and they've had it up and running on the PS3 engine since E3 '05 so Epic should be pretty familiar with how to program the PS3. That and they're probably one of the studios that is most familiar with multi-core programming. Mark Rein said the other day that they were wanting to make UT3 their flagship title for the PS3 like Gears was for the 360, so I think we'll probably see a simultaneous release at least for the console releases.

R34GTR4904d ago

I would hate if this were true. I really didnt want to play this on my Dell XPS(not even that great for gaming but it works). would soo rather rock it on the PS thrizzle !

THE TRUTH4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

It's funny that when the rumor is debunked the "fanboys" seem to go away! Where are is:

DC rider 360 who said:
this is a serious slap in the face to the sony faithful.

i remember the same thing with assasin's creed. have a amazing game announced for your flagship machine, then have it's 'thunder' stolen from your main rival, who will also get the title plus, 'extras'.

why sony? why?

how do you sony fans feel about this latest betrayal?



TheMART who said: There we go

How much more delays can the Sony fanboys take I question myself...
GRAW 2 in fall, 6 months after PC/360. UT at least a half year...

I would feel I had been stolen 600 dollars for nothing if I would have bought the PS3 for sure. I would think the same of it, if the 360 had all those delays


xbox360rocks who said:

Man stop trying to play this off, for the longest time it was always "Screw GOW we have UT" and all the talk about how UT was going to be such an amazing game, and we weren't getting it. Now not only is the game on the 360, it's now going to be out first for the 360. Don't try to play off the importance of this title, this is a BIG game, don't play the "oh well I NEVER liked this game anyways, um Killzone looks better" Just look at it for what it is, a big slap in the face of Sony's PS3 faithful.

Oh well I just hope the game is as fun online as RFOM, a feature where PC/360/PS3 owners can play against one another would be amazing.

BTW: on a quick side I have no idea why everyone is saying the PS3 cost $600, there is a $500 model you know. I bought the $500 sku and simply upgraded the HDD to 120gb (upgrade cost me 60$). I think thats the best way to do it because both models have HDMI and Blu ray.

Grown Folks Talk4904d ago

unless you have no feasible way to get an ethernet cable to it. i'd get the 20gig and upgrade the drive. i've never played any of the unreal games. championship or tournament. might check this out. hopefully there will be a demo released before it comes out, but probably not likely.

BrotherSic4904d ago

to be fair the users you mentioned, they were only going by what a site had reported and it was supposedly Midway that said about the releases dates.

+ totally agree about the 20gb version, shame in the UK we dont get it. I also dont want wifi, i like to use all my internet connection

AuburnTiger4904d ago

This is another reason why I don't believe everything on this site