Animal Crossing: New Horizons wants to be my new craft | Destructoid

Jonathan Holmes: "There's a lot to like here, and I love the promise of having new stuff around the corner, but in my short time with New Horizons, I had the most fun with the old reliable pastimes like fishing, shopping, and catching bugs. Animal Crossing is at its best when it offers you small, cozy environments that keep you busy doing nothing. This new entry gives you a lot of new abilities that could diminish that experience (many of which I can't get into here due to a content embargo). Thankfully, they are all largely optional. Outside of a few required tutorial-ish bits on the outset, you can play New Horizons just like it's New Leaf, except this time with more bugs, fish, and furniture to collect, which is exactly what I plan to do when the game comes out on March 20."

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