Hideo Kojima ‘has an encyclopedic knowledge of Death Stranding’s review scores’

Director believes America’s preference for shooters lead to lesser scores.

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LordoftheCritics202d ago

“This happens when you try to do something new, even in movies or games”

Age old excuse.

If an artist makes something entirely out of their own assessment of what is fun for themselves, then you cannot place blame externally.

RazzerRedux202d ago

I don't see how he is "blaming" anyone, external or otherwise. What is there to "place blame" for anyway? He is absolutely right that DS is very different than what he has done in the past so the divisive reception isn't really that surprising.

Vegamyster202d ago

I agree but he pointed out one country in regard to review scores when it scored similarly across the world including his own country.

RazzerRedux202d ago


Yeah, I'm not saying I agree with Kojima other than he made something different than his usual and it had a very divisive reception. I don't think there is really a geographic distortion there at all, frankly. That is his perception, though, which is fine, but the basis for that is doubtful.

zackeroniii202d ago

he made a game for the sake of being different. he knew kojima sans would praise and worship anything he put out...and use the excuse of it being something "different" as a way to defend a game which they know is below mediocre. let anyone else/studio release this game that is not kojima, and everyone will shit on it...but just because kojimas name is attached to the project, people will try to maneuver their way around the lackluster-ness that truly is DS...

RazzerRedux202d ago


Ok......I guess there are plenty of people who are shitting on the game simply because it is Kojima's game. Hell, I don't know that, but sure.....since we are just making up shit....why not? "Truly"

SyntheticForm202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

"Ok......I guess there are plenty of people who are shitting on the game simply because it is Kojima's game. Hell, I don't know that, but sure."

You 'do' know that. You know very well that there are people who prefer a certain brand that want to reduce or diminish this game, and they use the 'overrated Kojima' or 'Kojima is your god' excuse to do so.

You're not making anything up - you're on the money with that one. Of course not 'everyone' who opposes Death Stranding does this, but many do.

RazzerRedux202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

"You 'do' know that. You know very well that there are people who prefer a certain brand that want to reduce or diminish this game, and they use the 'overrated Kojima' or 'Kojima is your god' excuse to do so."

When I can start reading minds THEN I will *know* that. Otherwise, I am making baseless assumptions. I think I made it quite clear below that I see no value in addressing things like this on the "people" level.

GamerRN202d ago

He literally made a UPS delivery sim. I'm not sure that was meant to be a widely popular genre..

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dietis_h202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

how is he wrong?

most people don't like new things. that's why we have the same call of duty crap over, and over, and over again.

TheRealTedCruz202d ago

And a multitude of other experiences that also do well, and aren't call of duty.

dietis_h202d ago

okay... this game did well. what are you on?

TheRealTedCruz202d ago

I'm not on anything. My point was there's literally thousands of successful games out there. Every year people get new series that become their favorites.
Being that that is so, how does making the comment that people don't like change hold water, even if CoD is popular and successful?

DonkeyWalrus202d ago

People actually do like new things if they are enjoyable.

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Rude-ro202d ago

A. He is correct.
B. Money also influences reviews.
C. Fan-ism one way or the other effects reviews.
D. No reviewer reviews with hind-site ie first impressions can also throw off reviews.
E. Game preference ie personal preferences influence reviews.
F. Business direction controls reviews(also tied with money) but for instance.. if pvp or pve seasonal live service games are wanted by the major corporations in order to capitalize on a more consistent revenue.. that equals to the billions... < sorry.. money comes before your reality.

DaDrunkenJester202d ago

A. Incorrect
B. Stop
C. Yes, hence it getting 10's. I mean come on, be objective.
D. Blanket Statement
E. Only thing you have said that is accurate
F. Stop - And how does this even reflect on reviews?

Rude-ro202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I wish I could think like @dafrunken

I really do.
If you do not think that is a reality.. then I’ve got some diamonds to sell. They are real. *wink

201d ago
SyntheticForm202d ago

This guy needs to know that his work is appreciated everywhere. He also needs to know (which I think he does) that the game isn't for everyone.

Stop with the 'Americans only like this' or 'mostly like this' crap. He's sounding like a whiner and he shouldn't whine. Just appreciate the people that appreciate you.

This veteran developer is hung up on review scores like a fanboy and it's sad to see.

EliteComments123202d ago

But it applies here. This game has AAA everything, its just not everybody's type of game.

rainslacker202d ago

Think maybe he's focusing too much on the negative, because the game was well received overall.

brrdat202d ago

it's not even an excuse. it is a fact. if you try to do something unique, or innovative, or even remotely different, this will happen. that is an outright fact.

TheRealTedCruz202d ago

So why do genres/subgenres of games exist? If people don't like new things then how do videogames, as a whole, even exist?

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-Foxtrot202d ago

"Director believes America’s preference for shooters lead to lesser scores"


There's been a ton of games this gen alone which aren't full on shooters or not even shooters at all yet they've done fantastic score wise.

Maybe, just maybe, the game wasn't that good. Ever thought of that?

It's an alright game...not terrible but not amazing either.

ziggurcat202d ago

"Maybe, just maybe, the game wasn't that good. Ever thought of that?"

Or maybe, just maybe, the game is perfectly fine, and the ones giving it low scores had grossly unrealistic expectations. Ever thought of that?

And some people get bored easily, that's not the game's fault.

-Foxtrot202d ago


"unrealistic expectations"

Are you kidding me, it's Kojima, I was half expecting the majority of the sites that give it a fair honest score to lick his ass since they did it with MGSV which wasn't that good compared to his last MGS games and because the "legendary" status he's made for himself in the industry.

If it's made the majority of people go "Okay, it's an alright game but compared to his last work, I can't lie, it's nothing I can rave about" then it says something.

"And some people get bored easily, that's not the game's fault"

Yes it is, if the game doesn't keep you engaged then it's because of the gameplay choices or direction the game has taken. There's been plenty of slower games over the years, especially non shooters (ones far from that genre) that have been engaging and interesting to play because the people behind those games did a good job at creating something to keep the player engaged.

I'm not going to hate the game, I'm not going to rip the game to shred and shit on it because the game in NO WAY deserves that, it's a good game in ways but all it is is good, decent, playable etc, it's just not amazing, revolutionary, unique or perfect like what people want to make out. It's one extreme or the other, I really don't get why people can't just meet half way.

ziggurcat202d ago

1. If you went into it thinking it was going to be Metal Gear, that's an unrealistic expectation.

2. If you get bored, that's on you, not the game.

cwhit122202d ago

Its not the games fault its bad ok gotcha lol

ziggurcat202d ago

"Its not the games fault its bad ok gotcha lol"

Since when does an 82 metacritic score = bad game?

Kornholic202d ago

Unrealistic expectations, lol. The game, while new and different, is also a boring, tedious game that feels like a chore to play through.

DonkeyWalrus202d ago

Unrealistic expectations? Oh you mean like expecting the game to be fun and worth playing?

Guess I didn't expect that instead of fun and engaging gameplay I'd be playing the postal service simulator. A day in the life of a UPS man is not really the impression one would get from the advertisements.

TheRealTedCruz202d ago

"If the game bores you it's on you, not the game".

That's a fallacy.

"Maybe the game is perfectly fine, and people just had unrealistic expectations"

And that's just a blanket assumption used to negate actual criticism.

ziggurcat202d ago


1. No. It's not. The game has held the attention of plenty of people for countless hours, so no... the game isn't to blame if you can't focus on something for more than 20 minutes.

2. No. It's not. Expecting the game to be a pew pew action shooter is unrealistic.

TheRealTedCruz201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Just because we have the director making the accusation that people only want shooters, and you constantly blaming people's lack of interest as an issue in their part, not the game's inability to keep their attention, that doesn't make it so.

I'm not going to keep reiterating this though. If you want to keep with that narrative, then fine. I just think it's really disingenuous that you only have two modes; you either bought and supported the game, or you're a shooter gamer with a low attention span of 20 minutes.

ziggurcat201d ago

"Just because we have the director making the accusation that people only want shooters, and you constantly blaming people's lack of interest as an issue in their part, not the game's inability to keep their attention, that doesn't make it so."

Yes it does. If only some people are complaining about its level of engagement, then that's those individuals' inability to focus on something for any length of time. The game clearly forces you to repeat menial tasks ad nauseam, and has gameplay mechanics that forces you to concentrate on making sure things don't go out of balance, and fall over - that's the game's design. If that's tedious or bores you to death, that's you, not the game. Clearly there are people who have enjoyed the game, and haven't had any trouble engaging with its gameplay, so it can't be the game. Saying that this game is bad or boring because *you* didn't find it exciting or because *you* expected something different isn't the game's problem.

It's the equivalent of calling Flight Simulator bad or boring, and giving it a low score just because there's no aerial combat or anything to jingle keys in front of your face every 10 seconds. It's not Flight Simulator's fault that it doesn't have those things, and it's not the game's fault if you expected it to have those things.

"I just think it's really disingenuous that you only have two modes; you either bought and supported the game, or you're a shooter gamer with a low attention span of 20 minutes."

It's not disingenuous if it's true.

Kornholic200d ago

Chores are tedious and boring objectively. If you like doing those, you're a boring person.

I have no problem with my attention span. I finished the game, and I only enjoyed the story elements. The gameplay itself is simply boring and tedious. Objectively so. If you like that, that's your preference. Doesn't make it interesting, though.

ziggurcat200d ago

That's subjective opinion, not objective fact.

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Razmiran202d ago

No, I'm pretty sure people were expecting metal gear
Nice try tho

-Foxtrot202d ago

How could they expect Metal Gear when MGSV wasn't even Metal Gear most of the time

unsungzero612202d ago

Idk how anybody could've expected anything. Most of the trailers were cinematics.

Razmiran202d ago

Because they saw hideo kojima was the director
Simple as that

Kaedro202d ago

Exactly. He is making lame excuses. Some of the best games ever are not even shooters: BoTW, Shadow of the Colossus, Portal, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, LBP, Super Mario, etc.

averagejoe26202d ago

It received more perfect scores than any game in 2019 and took home countless awards.

So maybe, just maybe, the game was amazing.

One of the top Google searches regarding Death Stranding was "combat" and "shooting" so he's accurate. To become a trending google search, those terms had to have been searched extensively....meaning America cared about the shooting and combat a great deal.

-Foxtrot202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Maybe it wasn't when the reception was mixed

I mean look at user scores on a variety of sites, they seem to agree

I know it's hard to accept Kojima made an alright game and not a super duper amazing out of this world one but that's how it is.

Oh and Google, especially the search, as a reference

I_am_Batman202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Maybe, just maybe, different people like different things and culture plays a role in that. Let's not pretend that the game didn't have a bunch of stellar reviews. Do they not count, because the acclaim wasn't universal?

For me personally it was a fantastic game. I'm not requiring anyone to agree with me on that, because I fully understand why some people may not like it. Gaming is a huge industry these days and people come at it from all possible angles. Universal acclaim is pointless, if you ask me. I'm more interested in finding what I like, not what everybody else likes.

Rachel_Alucard202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Kojima comes off as egotistical, especially with that whole room he had with quotes he made printed all over each board cubicle. He seems like he cannot blame himself when he does wrong.

People will excuse his mistakes as intentional, but there is no way he intended the game to get multiple 6/10s' from all these different sites spread through multiple countries. He blames American tastes but neglects the fact most of those middle scores are from European and Australian publications like the article points out. He is just trying to shift blame to something else that is out of his control.

He says that people had the same response to Metal Gear Solid but those games are sitting at the very top of the Metacritic charts while this one squanders way below those marks. More importantly MGS was a hot seller, DS is not, barely managed anything. Sold well at launch but dropped off instantly the following week. I doubt many people will be lifting quotes from DS as they did with the MGS series in 5 years. He makes good games no doubt, but DS is one of his red marks compared to his other works.

SyntheticForm202d ago

"He seems like he cannot blame himself when he does wrong."

Or he simply cannot accept dissenting opinion of his work. He can't let low scores go, which is very childish and silly for and industry veteran and someone his age in general.

I personally don't think he did anything wrong with the game - thought it was fantastic. His wrongdoing is his inability to appreciate what he has and not knowing when to shut up. The man has been blessed, imo, with incredible talent and an adoring fan base.

He sounds ridiculous pointing out low American given scores over and over and over. He's letting himself be embarrassed by his own perfectionism.

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SegaGamer202d ago

Persona 5, Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Quest XI........I could easily go on. All of these games were rated highly and none of them are shooters.

This excuse is incredibly weak and he's been using it since Death Stranding was released. He needs to take his head out of his ass. Also, why doesn't the person interviewing him call him out on this? Are they scared or something?

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dietis_h202d ago

he's being truthful.
the truth hurts people like you.

SegaGamer202d ago

I literally just gave you examples proving his opinion to be completely false, would you like me to continue?

Horizon: Zero Dawn, Life is Strange, Montster Hunter World, Sonic Mania, Spiderman, Forza Horizon.

Before anybody comes at me with the whole "they are from established genres", so is Death Stranding. Just because Hideo Kojima wants to pretend that it's a whole new genre, that doesn't make it true.

dietis_h202d ago

keep those smurf accounts coming. doesn't change anything i said.

his opinion isn't false. people have a terrible habit of setting themselves up for games and hyping them to what they want it to be instead of how it's portrayed.

Edgelordsupreme202d ago

You mean the early trailers depicting AFVs and Mads Mikkelsen rolling around with skeleton paratroopers? Definitely had me thinking 50 hours of balancing packages and limp, sophomoric symbolism.

ravinash201d ago

@Edgelordsupreme - what WERE you expecting?
Everyone already knew Hideo's tendency to create lots of cut scenes... he's a massive fan of film.
Everyone was trying to figure out what the game play was going to be like.... no one knew what he was going to come up with, so he didn't set any expectation there.

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Row_sand202d ago

Im glad this game is diffrent.and unique in own way
.I'm enjoying it, it's really cool u can build high ways, ziplines tons of way to play the game..taking out bts collecting chiral crystals. Delivering cargos to each client and unlock new stuff and vehicle. Infiltrate mule camp and steal their cargos and its deep and dark hideo kojima s style atmosphere and gameplay.. mountain climbing, river crossing and I can keep going..also the game has a interesting storytelling to. So yea I made a account in n4g just to tell that😀😀

Knushwood Butt202d ago

Yeah, I went in with no expectations, didn't watch any of the pre-launch material, and ended up loving the game. Put 225 hours into it, then sold it.

Not perfect though, and some of the truck handling / going totally uncontrollable was the most frustrating experience I've had in gaming for some time.

Row_sand201d ago

Some og the truck are difficult to control foreksempel the long distance trucks and armored trucks thies are extra heavy because of the extra battery and armored plates. You will find frustrating to control in a heavy terrain or stoned areas, that's why u have the scan function..scan the terrain before choosing the path.. otherwise vehicle control are just fine on the roads( highways and other terrains)👍🏽