Sony Names New Head of Santa Monica Studio

Sony Santa Monica names 19-year veteran Yumi Yang as new studio head after Shannon Studstill joined Google Stadia's new studio.

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Smokehouse153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Whaaat that sucks. Stadia? But that’s cool, good luck to them.

bouzebbal153d ago

Yumi is awesome.. I saw that making of God of war

Smokehouse153d ago

I’m sure but the other chick was cool.

darthv72153d ago

It could be that Harrison and Studstill got to talking and he said there was an opening and Google could really use all the help they can get. I wouldnt be surprised if Harrison poached someone from a MS studio next. He has connections.

Smokehouse152d ago

I’m more surprised she didn’t go across the street to the initiative studio if anything. Money is money though and she obviously knows her shit when it comes to producing.

derek152d ago

Why join Stadia, it's the equivalent of boarding the titanic as it sinks.

Smokehouse152d ago

They just saw the iceberg and they are calling in more lifeboats.

TheGamez100153d ago

Yumi's pretty cool but Shannon was awesome too. Odd she went to stadia though....just why lol.

mkis007153d ago

Wonder if she'll be back within a year

TheColbertinator153d ago

Easy Google money then leave before the ship sinks.

brrdat153d ago

you're smoking something good if you think google is paying their devs more than sony.

wraith9999152d ago


alphabet (the parent company of google) has around ~12x the market cap of sony lmfao.....

rainslacker153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Money, and the chance to be part of something different. Probably a good amount of stock options as well. That's usually how these silicon valley deals work out.

Don Mattrick went to Zynga knowing they were going to fail. Even Zynga knew they were going to fail. But him taking over, after his relative success with 360 made Zynga appear that they were going to be prosperous. In the screwed up world that is tech investment, the potential is worth more than the actual product. You'd think they would have learned this is a bad way to do business after the last tech bubble burst, but here we are, and stupid crazy deals are made every day because people see potential that really isn't there more than half the time. The creators cash out, investors are left footing the bill, until they sell it off to the next guy who pays a stupid amount of money for it.

Lilrizky153d ago

Sometimes people just want to do something new, which i think this is. Shannon has been at Santa Monica doing God of War for a number of years now.

All the best to her

loxim153d ago

I don't see Stadia surviving the long term, it can't with how crappy internet can affect it so much.

KwietStorm153d ago

To leave a studio like Santa Monica for Stadia, especially after the length of time she's been with PlayStation, Google had to have paid her a retirement check. I'm not gonna judge the woman for her own decisions, but I don't comprehend it. Definitely a big get for Google though.

GameStallion153d ago

I bet you they gave her a giant raise. But yeah, like others said, we’ll see how long it lasts.

Edito153d ago

She is probably regretting joining Google Statia team lol.

UltraNova153d ago

I hear Google Paychecks are irresistible...

TKCMuzzer153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Why? just taking shot in the dark.............$$$$$$

1Victor153d ago

More money for less work is a high motivator to leave a job

153d ago
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timotim153d ago

Studio head happens. Good luck to this person though.

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ShadowWolf712153d ago

lol you ain't even subtle are you?

At least TRY, Tim.

timotim152d ago

Dude, I'm being honest...all i did was read the story like Everyone else...i did not smile at all...but his reply really did make me laugh because i know exactly what he thought.

spicelicka153d ago

As long as Cory Barlog is still there, I don't care.

KwietStorm153d ago

Cory doesn't do everything himself, nobody does. It's a team effort, and Shannon was still with Sony Santa Monica back when Cory left for Crystal Dynamics. There's a reason she spoke and held the award when God of War won game of the year.

solideagle153d ago

but biggest ideas come from director. how he fought for this son/father story and changed everything took a lot. It's not like everyone had same idea. that is why Directors are super important.

153d ago
spicelicka153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Of course not, but he's been a key figure for a long time and was responsible the story and direction of the latest GOW, which are arguably the most important components. I'm just saying it would a huge hit if he left.

AK91153d ago

No idea who she is hope she helps the studio to make great games.

MasterCornholio153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

She was the project manager for GOW 2018. Not to mention she was there for almost 20 years so I believe she is capable of doing the job.

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