LittleBigPlanet sees 84,000 user levels uploaded

Sony Europe has announced that universally acclaimed social platformer LittleBigPlanet has seen a whopping 84,000 user-created levels uploaded since the game's release earlier this month, with a total of 27 million level play throughs logged.

Speaking in a statement issued on ThreeSpeech, the company stated, "We couldn't be happier with the initial efforts from our community members; the variety and quality of some of the creations has been astounding. We've seen everything from great platform adventures, puzzles and quizzes through to stories and races. We have even had a wedding proposal created entirely in the game!"

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360degrees3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

last I heard there was less than half this amount of people who actually purchased this video game? I suppose anything is possible now-a-days

Liquid Dust3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

You are very misinformed

You thought there were only 42,000 people or less that picked up this game? How many people do you think own a PS3, a couple hundred thousand?

Kyur4ThePain3624d ago

How the hell do you have 7 bubbles?

That was the dumbest, most misinformed comment in a while.

RememberThe3573624d ago

That is defiantly not enough info to determine how well a game is doing.

ultimolu3623d ago

...You can't be serious.

SL1M DADDY3623d ago

Comments like that might sound witty in your own head at the time of writing them but in all fairness, I must warn you that they actually, to the public here anyway, sound really stupid. LBP is a gem of a game and even the most hardcore players can see that it deserves a spot in the ranks of great games. Despite it being on the PS3 only, even you should know it's a great game, even if it is not your cup of tea.

And also, I might make note to all, only .5% of the levels have been taken down for copyright infringement. That's only 420 levels consisting of Mario pictures, penises and all things out of order.

It may not be selling billions of copies but this game is truly a masterpiece.

Legion3623d ago

Isn't the draw of this game the ability to create and upload your own levels? Shouldn't this number be MUCH higher? Looks to me like nobody really cares too much about the game. But hey, maybe PS3 gamers just don't get the creative aspect of it all?

Armyless3623d ago

Not one soul here believes you would ever find anything good to say about Sony or a Sony product, with such recent historical quotes as:

"PS3 has been humbled by the might that is 360. Just goes to prove that 360 sells games. PS3 has yet to live up to its hype. It is nothing but a Bluray seller. I'm bored already..."

"Even though the PS3 has increased their library they still haven't matched up with the 360 on their excellent library."

The fact that you're on a LBP thread discussing PS3 users is a predictable pattern in your longstanding behavior to harass fellow gamers. You comment on this (and other LBP) articles with such regularity that I'm beginning to wonder if maybe you shouldn't just go out and buy a PS3/LBP bundle and get it over with?

Milky Joe3623d ago

I think he would rather shoot himself than do that... seriously.

Legion3615d ago

Armless... I could care less that this is a PS3 thread, 360 thread or Wii thread. It is a GAMERS thread, so get over yourself.

I follow all media regardless of Wii, 360, or PS3. If you get upset with my factual posts then get over it and read something else.

Go build your little side scrolling level that will ultimately have a 360 RRoD level that makes you so happy when you achieve it. Deny yourself a fanboy if you want but I could care less if you lie to yourself.

I see it obvious that many people don't get LBP and what it is supposed to offer. It would have been too confusing to have it appear on the Wii for the young masses to scratch their heads on. And the PS3 owners don't seem to care for it's nature. More then likely it would have sold well if it had launched on the 360. Why? Because 360 fans know about creativity and take kindly to new ips. PS3 fans are just too conservative for LBP, in my not so humble opinion.

As for the shooting remark well we will just let that pass. So mature of you there son.

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Xheratuul3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

try my level and it is called Le Hospital Equatorial. Send me a message, through my PSN: Veraegic, if you like it and tell what you not like about it.

ravinshield3623d ago

thats almost the same amount it sold..

jack who3624d ago

95% been levels of dics in one way or form

eagles19903624d ago

Sorry but I doubt 95% of the levels are made of you

Magic_The_Celt3623d ago

really? Youv played 95% of them have you? or played the game at all./....

thought not

Narutone663624d ago

I have played some amazing levels out there, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a level or two which you can get 5 trophies playing them.

CrippleH3624d ago

Try coffieshop.

I rate that as the best user created level so far.

It might be more creative then the developer's levels.

Armyless3623d ago

for those stupid "Trophy" levels to disappear. They're clouding out the good ones.

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