The Best PS2 Games Of All Time

IGN: "The PS2 is one of the most fondly-remembered consoles of all time, with a library of incredible bangers. However, there can be only 10 best."

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Terry_B601d ago

Oooookay, here are 10 awesome Playstation 2 games that are not among the most known ones..but they are ..awesome!

Global Defense Force 2..aka EDF 2
Sengoku Basara 2 (Japan only sadly)
Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army
Urban Chaos: Riot Response
Shadow Hearts 1,2 and 3
The Suffering 1+2
Shadow of Rome
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Urban Reign

And as runner up..because its still kinda popular and people ask Ed Boon for e HD remaster basically every day on Twitter..Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks..the best MK Spinoff ever made so far.

601d ago
DaReapa600d ago

I can agree with IGN's list except that I would replace GOW with GOW2.