Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: NBA 2K20, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and More...

by Megan Spurr, Community Manager:

"My favorite part about being an Xbox Game Pass member is playing games that I haven’t tried yet and enjoying them on day one when they’re released. This week we have both of those and more! (I didn’t say I would be good at these games — there’s some bad basketball in my future). If you haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass yet, now is a great time to try your first month for $1. Let’s jump in!"

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timotim1185d ago

This is what separates XGP from other services...#Day ones

Though I am buying Ori 2 because of the Microsoft Rewards deal for it.

Kribwalker1185d ago

I can’t wait for Ori. I waited too long to play the first one, leaving for mexico on the 12th, hopping on that as soon as i get back

2ndhandcorn1185d ago

Have had a couple of months off gamepass but will rejoin for TSW do love some sim gear, i tend to enjoy them more than story based block busters these days.