Killzone 2 'Blood Gracht' gameplay HD

Urban warfare has never been more beautiful. Killzone 2 is a first person shooter developed by Guerilla Games for the Playstation 3 console.

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360degrees5490d ago

...whats the running count on the production costs that they have spent thus far on this title? last I heard it was a couple million correct? hopefully its not just graphics, and the gameplay is also up to standards

LinuxGuru5490d ago

Dude, your gameplay quip there has already been answered a thousand times over by beta testers that are absolutely enthralled by Killzone 2.

Please stop saying that "the graphics are great, but what the gameplay?"

Many many many many many many people have already come out and said that KZ2's gameplay is MORE than satisfying, in every single regard.

Kyur4ThePain5490d ago

Show me a game that doesn't cost a couple of million.

And, as Guru said, you're gameplay insinuations are unfounded, unwanted and unwelcome.

Kleptic5490d ago

I am assuming by a 'couple' of million you were referring to the closer to 60 million reported last summer?...it was never confirmed, but insiders suggest that...the amount of motion capture tech in the game though, which is insanely expensive on its own (let alone the time and effort put into the rest of the visuals) would have something to with that...

and yeah...i'm in the beta...don't you worry your little head about the gameplay...it is THE shooter on the horizon...no other announced or released game so far will come close to competing with it...let alone on consoles...

don't believe me?...read the previews...while all beta hands on write ups are positive so far, you notice some have hinted on December 4th being 'the big day'...and I know whats coming then...won't spoil it here, as that potentially could knock me out of the beta...but I am sure if you look hard enough on some obvious message boards you may get some info...its not that its something unannounced or anything, but it has multiple preview/review authors absolutely flipping out...

Jamie Foxx5490d ago (Edited 5490d ago )

quite simply the GAME ENGINE,this game engine pi$$es on ANY other console game engine at present, for developers finding the cell architecture hard this engine will help them tremendously thus giving us better titles to play..

sonarus5490d ago

lol maybe he didn't hear us last time...once again beta tester and i don't know how much they spent on it but KZ2 blows away every other fps on any console from a tech stand point.

As far as gameplay goes its still a beta and its not perfect but they are getting there as far as gameplay goes though characters feel great best animation in fps by far. Guns feel better than any other fps gun even on the anti fps contoller the dualshock.

Basically KZ2 is best shooter for 2009 unless offcourse COD6 can step up but KZ2 will be very hard to match

Michael Jackson5490d ago

I believe I speak for everyone when I say.. Just STFU.

ultimolu5490d ago

...Are you serious...
There are people in the beta who have said the game is amazing in terms of gameplay.

Bangladesh5490d ago

They need to spend a couple more million because I'm still not seeing anything groundbreaking about Killzone 2's graphics. The sound is top notch, but visually it looks like a b/w COD4.

Antan5490d ago

The figure is close to the 50m us dollops mark.

ultimolu5490d ago

Bangladesh, I'm in the beta. It looks nothing/plays nothing like CoD4.

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Kush_Reaper5490d ago

This game is insane. Funny thing is cam captured gameplay doesn't do this game justice.


CrippleH5490d ago

You must be blind because I seen gameplay footage for months.

JAKESPLACE_5490d ago

I think this footage had the first real Melee showing which worked that I have seen in all the kz2 footages circulating

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