Killzone 2 'Salamun Market' gameplay HD

All-new footage from the Killzone 2 multiplayer beta. Killzone 2 is a first person shooter developed by Guerilla Games for the Playstation 3 console.

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360degrees4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

because after the Long, and I mean Long time fans have been waiting, the Reviewers are going to just tear into this title, and I can see it being heavily nitpicked because the Expectations have simply been built up too is simply the nature of the beast....

silverchode4592d ago

this can flop in reviews but there are alot of people who would still get it.

Sony Rep4592d ago

From what I'm hearing, from various media who have gotten preview copy's of the single player mode is that it's one of the best shooters this gen.

Embargo for the single player campaign should lift on Dec 4th. So, expect to see new levels, video footage, and new previews on the single player mode.

4591d ago
ThanatosDMC4591d ago

Droolz!!! Especially when he was running towards the firefight before the first encounter. The objects on the ground looks so realistic!

el_bandito4591d ago

I love how the helgans do the shimmy when they get pawned.

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Kush_Reaper4592d ago

Killzone 2 is looking like one of the best games this gen. The lighting is amzing, gameplay is solid and the environment is huge an gritty. I don't know about you'all but i've be waiting for a game like this.


Raoh4592d ago

MGS4 made a lot of people eat crow. killzone 2 may make them do it again.

n4gzz4592d ago

multiplayer is so intense and tactical. I love this type of multiplayer. Killzone 2 will be the game I will be playing for long time.

remanutd554592d ago

i hope single player campaign can match killzone2 multiplayer greatness , getting that special edition for sure and sony give me my GOW3 gameplay , im DYING to see it

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The story is too old to be commented.