The PlayStation 2 is 20 years old today and still, the best console ever made

Sony's PlayStation 2 has turned 20 today and it still remains the undisputed king of video game consoles.

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FloydianAndroid198d ago

to me Snes is still the greatest console ever. Also, graphically that era of games stand up way better than ps2.

forkymental198d ago

I've been gaming since the NES days, and I have to agree with the article. The PS2 has the most diverse library of great games, and they're not sprites. The limited gameplay capabilities of sprite based graphics just can't hold up to the PS2's 3D games.

FloydianAndroid198d ago

To each his own, but I’d rather look at a link to the last all day long over some of the early ps2 game. Sprite based graphics are still being made today because they’re timeless when done well. You don’t see people today making games that look like ps1, 2, or N64 because that style why necessary to push forward looks awful now compared so the better snes games. I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste.

I will agree that the ps2 did have a very diverse library though.

masterfox198d ago

Playstation brand is the best gaming brand in this gaming industry so far, this from the very first console, its gaming exclusive library is the best of all. :)

Orionsangel198d ago

SSX was the first game I bought for the PS2. I played it so much. Here's my bedroom two months after I bought the PS2 and SSX. Yeah this video reeks of early 2000's. lol

198d ago
phoenixwing198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I had a dreamcast instead, don't regret it. Any ps2 gems i missed out on I got to play later in life anyway. Missing out on soul calibur and skies of arcadia would have been terrible. Not to mention shenmue

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