Playstation Gamers Will Be Disappointed: Christmas Advertisement Lacks Major Aspects

GameXtract writes "And it's Sony's time to debut their Christmas advertisements! We have already seen Microsoft's Lips, and Gamestop's Christmas hint or else promo, but now let's shine the spotlight onto Sony! Wait,...where is the content? Believe it or not, whether your a Playstation gamer or not, your going to be disappointed that Sony really doesn't have anything up their sleeve in terms of marketing their products. Their not even on crack either with their odd ads as this one is just plain out boring. What's even worse is that they are releasing one TV Spot with the same theme every few days till the 21st when they are launching a "bigger campaign". I don't know about you guys, but the TV spots so far are not inspiring me yet. The first one is known as the "Alley" and the second one known as "Office Park", and are part of the reflection campaign. Hopefully this "bigger campaign" will be more persuasive to the average consumer this holiday season. Show us your killer titles, like Resistance 2, and LittleBigPlanet that you have been so excited for this year!"

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360degrees3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

ps3 fan, or Xbox360 Video Gaming Console Fan, everyone has to agree that when it comes to advertising, and creating a Huge buzz for an upcoming video game, playstation is falling Way Behind, and seriously needs to take a cue from Microsoft in that particular area. As I've said before its playstations "Kryptonite" in a sense

elorm93647d ago

You guys really oughtta check out the official Youtube page for the PS3. They said they're starting another ad campaign sometime soon

Max Power3647d ago

link please, i didn't know Sony had a youtube page.

Bnet3433647d ago

If you didn't know Sony had a YouTube page, you probably don't own a PS3 or never used it's web browser.

sonarus3647d ago

I'm sorry but isn't advertising suppose to attract new consumers. If you are already a PS3 owner how does weak advertising affect me...i am confused thats all i just don't know how i shoulf be feeling:S

barom3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I could agree that Microsoft is very good at marketing but Nintendo? I mean they haven't had any real advertisements since the launch of the Wii which had those pretty weird but funny "Wii would like to play". But lets rather wait and see shall we? The bigger ad campaign from Sony is coming and in one of those videos you can actually see Sackboy and footage of LBP in the background.

Oh and those movies in the article is actually from the Playstation channel. I'm not sure if this is the "channel" but here's a link to the "user"

Narutone663647d ago

first party game devs, while MS is shutting down their first party game dev, like Ensemble, and putting their money on ads. Sony is in for the long haul. MS could sell more now, but in the long run, they will loose steam.

cRaZyLeGs 933647d ago

Right... That was terrible.

RememberThe3573647d ago

is that the guy rants for a good paragraph them admits that he hasn't seen Sony new add campaign, so he knows just as much as we do. What exactly was that point all this article? If your going to write about something like this aren't your supposed to have some inside info that your sharing with us. How about next time you wait for the add campaign them talk ****.

Max Power3647d ago

why yes i do have a PS3, PSN id CosmycMyndFuhk, add me we'll play some games, but i don't use the web browser because i have a Mac Book Pro, and a Desktop, so i don't need to use it for internet.

Tony P3647d ago

It's hard to take this seriously.

"... your going to be seriously disappointed that Sony really doesn't have anything up their sleeve in terms of marketing their products."

"... they are releasing one TV Spot with the same theme every few days till the 21st when they are launching a 'bigger campaign'."

Sense, it does not make. The mysterious "bigger campaign" sounds exactly like something "up their sleeve". Whether it's some great set of commercials or what have you, we won't know for a few days, so save the condemnation for another day. Also, I hope the author proofreads the next one because it looks a little less reputable when you can't win at simple grammar or spelling.

As always, I hope Sony pulls out a few stops to get the PS3's exposure on par with 360 this season.

pixelsword3647d ago

WTFudgesickles does one thing have to do with the other?

If I was in... SONY's advertising division, or making money off of the PS3, then maybe I would be disappointed.

But really, I don't give a cat's bark if Sony's ads suck, as I inform myself.

Bangladesh3647d ago

I can't turn on my tv without seeing PS3 commercials.

PS3Diablo3647d ago

Have you seen the horrible LIPS ad ? Marketing is not Microsoft's strong point, you make really no sense. Have you seen there I AM A PC ads ? Horrible !!! Playstation needs to take cue from Apple if anything. I actually love this new holiday series of ads, very cool concept and on Nov 21 the big announcement will happen.

SL1M DADDY3647d ago

Has anybody seen that Motorstorm 2 ad? The second it poped up I said to my wife, this has to motorstorm 2 and low and behold, it was. It's just some guy staring at what looks to be a faint image of MS2 in the glass reflection. The wreckage is beautiful and in slow motion I think and then it cuts to the MS2 screen and the Playstation 3.

That's just one of the ads I have seen... Makes me wonder if this author is on crack.

prowiew3647d ago

Sony really needs to step up on advertising. They were the masters of tv spots, but now they really lack. It does'nt mean the microsoft ads are good, but at least you actually see a lot of ads.

Mainman3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I dont know about you guys in USA. But here in Europe (Holland) I see alot of PS3 commercials on tv.

I saw commercials for LBP, Motorstorm 2, Mirror's Edge. I see them quite often. I also remember seeing a Singstar commercial but I am not sure if it was for PS2 or PS3.

Also alot of X360 commercials for Fallout 3, Geow 2 (just one time tho, probably because they only show it late at night), LIPS, NFS Carbon and an X360 commercial advertising that the price is 149 euro's now.

There is or are also Wii commercials, but dont see those as often as PS3 and X360 commercials tho.

acedoh3647d ago

I do think SONY is trying to attract those who may be in the mainstream. People who don't spend time looking at reviews or don't know a Resistance from a Gears of War. These commercials are about wonder. Also as you can tell they are building up the product first before they unleash the new wave of ad's.

jammy_703647d ago

i always see 360 on TV but never PS3!
comon sony pull your fu*king fingers out!

godofthunder103647d ago

I have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.Just because i like the 360 more and think that it's better it's my opponion not fact.People that bought a ps3 thinks the same thing.I respect their choice because every one has a different opponion and they are both great system.It's just that people like differnt things.I think that all 3 systems will have good sell for christmas.The problem i have is that ps3 fanboys are blameing sony because they claim that they don't advertize enough.

The fact is that sony advertize just as much as the other 2.I've seen commercials about the ps3 just as much as the other 2 systems.I've seen posters of ps3 games like R2 and LBP at walmart,best buy,circuit city,toys r us,game stores and on covers of game magazines.The fact is that even if the ps3 or any of the other 2 companies didn't advertize alot the fans of the systems will still know what's comeing out for the system they have and buy it if they want or not.The fact is that LBP isn't a game that the majority of gamers will buy.

The fact is that it wouldn't have sold well if it was a microsoft product.LBP is a child game and if it was on the wii it would have sold over a million already and i'm not a big fan of the wii.The fact is that people should give credit where credit is due even if you don't like the other systems.I'm not a fanboy of any system because it's childish.Like i said before i have a 360 and i love it.I can't wait for the new update.I even think that the avaitors are childish on the update.I wish that they were more like the avaitores that the ps3 has in home because i think that it's more grown up .

Like i said above i have a 360,i've seen and heard games about the 360 that i never seen once on a commercial.The fact is that the fans of a certain system knows what game is out and when it comes out.Fans of both systems need to stop makeing excuses when a game doesen't sell like it was suppose to like LBP and stop makeing excuses of a system when sells are low in a certain month.360 fans shouldn't brag just because LBP is a bust for sony.The 360 has busts to.It's the way the industry works.

Ps3 fans are all saying that it's a great game because it received high rateings from critics.The fact is that what critics likes doesn't mean that it will sell well or people will like it like they do.The fact is that the same people that's saying it received good reviews and people should just give it a chance are the same ones that said critics didn't know what they were talking about when they gave halo3 a good reviews and the 360 fanboys do the exact thing.

season0073647d ago

simply means they put money on buying the time for showing the ads
doesn't really mean the ads is much better or not
Games sales only matters to fanboys

To corporate its sales...if they are achieving their highest level of profit with currently level of ads, why are you guys worrying about them?

or maybe you guys would prefer Sony to put money in divisions that is NOTHING related to gaming? marketing? ad? hardware fixing?

Oh boy...i am not sure how old you guys are, but you need to get the facts right and straight

They selling games has nothing to do with how much you enjoy a game nor how much profit they make

and i am sure they know what they are doing much better than you do

Jecht3647d ago

Are you trying to kill everyone with text? Are you even capable of giving a response that ISN'T more than one paragraph?

season0073647d ago

he does it as practice for his highschool writing class
apparently he purposely kills his own bubbles so he can type one long @ss paragraph to improve his writing skills

Lifendz3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

The PS2 ads were possibly some of the best ever. The PSP ads were funny and cool. The PS3 ads...well there was the melting plastic baby and the white room with David Wright hitting a baseball. Plain weird. They've come along way since then. Last years ad (DO YOU WANT IT!!! DO YOU FEEL IT!!!) were great, but the marketing fury that we see MS and others put forward wasn't there.

Why no McDonald's LBP happy meal? Why no Burger King Resistance 2 promo? C'mon Sony. MS practically made Halo a major success by marketing the heck outta it. And Halo is a major franchise with a set of core fans. LBP was a new IP. It could've used that kind of blitz. And R2...well it's not new but the first one was a launch game and the second one improved upon the first dramatically. Get the word out about this.

And you need to start doing some Pepsi challange type ads where you show why you're product is superior to 360. Show what the consumer gets for that extra 200 that they don't get for 199.99. This is essential because a system that can do Gears 2 and is 200 bucks cheaper is going to seem like the way to go to the uninformed consumer that has yet to make up their mind.

PistolPumptMonk3647d ago

I'm a playstation gamer and you're TELLING me I'll be disappointed? First of all, don't tell me my business. Second of all, I'm swimming in so many great games right now, Sony could not show a single ad all Christmas season and I would still be happy as could be.

Screw advertising and sales figures. I'm a gamer because I like PLAYING GAMES.

Rapture3333647d ago

Advertisements don't really matter to me because I know which games are good and that's the one I'm getting... See where I'm going with this?

LeonSKennedy4Life3646d ago

Very true. The PS3 gets jack squat for advertising. Also, LBP got screwed over.

That "Ladies and Gentlemen" (Saliva) commercial really pulled people in, but other than that...nothing.

Get the GeOW2 guy to work for you...please!

PimpHandHappy3646d ago


never heard of that site and never heard of this contibutor....not saying both are not real

but this bugs me
I don't know about you guys, but the TV spots so far are not inspiring me yet

ok i didnt read anything this dude wrote but im sure he is going to say "2 buy a PS3"

if your a gaming webstie and the guy speaking doesnt own a PS3 maybe he should talk about other things...just saying. If you cant afford a PS3 maybe you should move out of your moms basement

Just because 199 has been spammed all over my TV doesnt mean they are KILLING IT in terms of games to show these holidays!

If we want truth lets get Arcade sales vs Pro sales! Thats what i want to know!

ArsArcanum3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I don't see how bad advertising disappoints playstation gamers...

does it even affect us?

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TheColbertinator3647d ago

I love you man since you have guts to say that without fear of losing your bubbles.But I can't resist.

Speaking of throwing in the towel :)

Bathyj3647d ago

You think?

When did this happen?

Shadow Man3647d ago

Good one Steven Colbert Bubbles for you sir!

Bnet3433647d ago

Good comeback steve, very wity, but you basically just stooped down to his level, making you just as bad as him. What's that analogy with the tea kettle calling the steam or w/e? Well yeah, that.

FantasyStar3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Still too soon to say Lightning. If Sony's still like that after KZ2, then I might consider your idea; more seriously. But I'll just file that comment under "FUD". The more time passes, the better it gets for PS3 as developers get better with PS3, PS3 gets more features, BR becomes more mainstream, and most importantly, the games will accurately define the PS3 for what it is. What we should really criticize Sony for is their lack of consistency. What's the real point of Custom-Soundtrack, Trophies, Youtube support, Screen-capture, and PSN if it's not standardized in every game?

sniper45343647d ago

am trowing when i saw ur name

TheColbertinator3647d ago


Just having a little fun you know.I have no reason to bash any console but like I said,I could not resist lol

pixelsword3647d ago

...I usually don't reward such things, but when they make me laugh out loud, PS3, Wii, or 360 slanted, I have to give bubbles.

Diamondwolf3647d ago

That's the first post I've seen you make in years that didn't have the word "Price" in it! Bubbles for you...........nah, just kidding, I'll pop one instead :)

On topic: Good ads coming, not enough out, but as someone said earlier, I'll inform myself and although ads are good for the Sony followers and people who rely on sales to enjoy their system *cough* 360 and PS3 fanboys *cough* I'll enjoy playing the games when I'm off work, and while I'm at work, I'll enjoy making fun of the fanboys!

Jecht3647d ago

Good one Steven.

BTW, I can't turn around without seeing a PS3 commercial here in Canada. Especially the LBP "If fun didn't matter" commercials.

SonyOwnsNextYear3646d ago

i think you dropped the soap in front of bill gates.....plenty of times.....on purpose.

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Sony Rep3647d ago

These little 15 sec advertisements are appetizers to the bigger one coming on the 21st. They're not meant to be anything special. What an idiot. Bias media always assuming something...

Sony Rep3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Anybody remember this ad..

Expect it...Sony is not messing around.

ultimolu3647d ago

They're gonna crank up the heat. :o

Bnet3433647d ago

lol shadow man that was hilarious ... *gives you bubble*

likedamaster3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )


It was... bubbs for both

LeonSKennedy4Life3646d ago

You don't have a PS3, you crazy man!

Those that have a PS3 actually are happy with it.

Those that have a 360 are curious about PS3 games.

Simple as that.

SaberEdge3646d ago

"Those that have a PS3 actually are happy with it.

Those that have a 360 are curious about PS3 games.

Simple as that."

What biased nonsense. As if PS3 owners are not curious about 360 games. As if everyone that owns a PS3 is happy with it. I have both consoles and I like them both. I think you people that talk crap about one and don't even give it a chance are really missing out.

LeonSKennedy4Life3646d ago

I have a PS3.

My roommate has a 360.

I played and LOVED Gears of War 2.

I'm not saying the 360 sucks or anything like that. It's a machine...what makes it suck?

I'm just saying that very few PS3 gamers give a crap about games out or coming out on the 360. That's not bias...that's true. Ask any PS3-only owner that will give an honest answer. Most gamers would like to try out LittleBigPlanet's creation system, Resistance 2's multi-player, or play through MGS4's deep storyline. Not much innovation is going on in the 360 camp right now. That's all I'm saying. I mean, if I hadn't already played Braid, I might be curious. I LOVE THAT GAME! New Portal levels are nice too.

Do you understand what I'm saying now? I guess I just worded my first post poorly.

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Raoh3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I dont think any sony fan denies sony's marketing missteps.

i shake my head at the sony haters that dont have a ps3 who hate on ps3 games. and ps3 owners who dont go out and play the ps3 games.

but its even worse to see sony not push their games.

they need new blood working on marketing. their ads always seem like some boardroom presentation meant to impress the executives and shareholders.

its a shame because i'm enjoying a healthy stable of ps3 games all different all with great replay value and sony isnt really doing much in shoing the world that line up.

an example is littlebigplanet. they did a big beta push that got a lot of nay sayers on board the littlebigplanet train.

problem is those are current ps3 owners. cant play the beta without having a ps3. this does nothing for new potential costumers interested in the game. new potential costumers arent on n4g or other game sites.

they want to be told what to buy.

the problem with the reflections ads is that you have to pay attention. anyone watching television would look and walk away to get something to drink before their show comes back on.

maybe the bigger ad will be different but who knows.

PistolPumptMonk3647d ago

In response to the first sentence of your comment, what about all the people disagreeing with you?

SaberEdge3646d ago

I think Sony fanboys really struggle with this one. On the one hand they want to have an excuse for why many PS3 games are not selling quite as well as many expected them to. On the other hand they have trouble admitting that Sony might have a weakness in some area. So people are kind of neurotic and all over the place on this question. They alternately invoke it as an excuse or not, depending on the circumstances and whether they think it makes the PS3 look better or worse.