Nintendo Talks About User Generated Content

Softpedia: "Nintendo has always been a popular company, largely due to the fact that it brought titles that appealed to a wide variety of gamers and gave players a great experience. Although some people say that, in this endeavor, the Japanese company lost track of the hardcore gamers, efforts are being made to keep the interest of experienced players.

Recently, in a conference where he was invited to talk about the new direction in which the entertainment industry was heading, Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, showcased the goal of the company in the following years. He said that the Japanese developer was focusing more and more on creating games that interacted with players, and allowed them to create their own content."

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Smacktard3675d ago

Sounds good! Garry's Mod, Little Big Planet, and other user-generated content things like BlastWorks are all great ideas. Let's hope Nintendo brings their own magic to this department!

The Matrix3674d ago

Nintendo does seem to be pretty good at talking.

ChickeyCantor3675d ago

Uhm there actually was one article about this...
I just hope they do that with F-zero...seriously...costum F-zero tracks and sharing them would be awesome!

Jotenks3674d ago

They had a good start with custom racers back in GX (I think it was GX for gamecube?) Expanding upon that just feels like the right move about now. I liked that aspect of GX and would like to see it expanded. Custom tracks, Custom characters (To an extent since the disc may or may not be able to hold all of these options without sacrificing something in the end)

kesvalk3675d ago

give wii music a patch, with a music composer, better than the one on mario paint, and let ppl share the musics on the net, wii music will sell like hotcakes then...

Product3675d ago

user created content?New Excitebike comes to mind.

jorgeanaya0003674d ago

Hell yeah! I loved that game(especially on the 64) and creating tracks.
A spiritual successor to Excitebike with a deeper track editor mode that allows people to share them on the internet would be cool. I'd also like more outside courses, because they were funner than the inside ones.