LA Noire PC VR Update Adds PSVR Exclusive Content & More

From UploadVR: "Title Update 1.0.539.0, as it’s majestically labelled, includes the three minigames that were present in the PSVR version. That’s a shooting gallery, a boxing game and a speedcar racing game.

The shooting range is a pretty simple affair. You use your respective motion controllers to aim and fire guns at cardboard enemies. There’s some fun fairground-style distractions too. The boxing, meanwhile takes the game’s melee combat and brings it into the ring with a bunch of different fights to bash your way through. Finally, the racing gives you a handful of circuits to speed around in adorable little speedcars."

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william_cade154d ago

I wish they would dive this another coat of paint and fill out the world a bit more. This is by far one of my favorite time periods.