NVIDIA's Next-Gen GPU Specifications & Benchmarks Leak, Up To 7936 Cores & 48 GB HBM2e

The latest specifications and benchmarks of NVIDIA's next-gen Ampere GPU have leaked, showcasing an insane 7936 cores & 48 GB memory.

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RazzerRedux1573d ago

March is going to be one hell of an interesting month in the PC gaming realm.

LordoftheCritics1573d ago

That's some nasty horsepower. I guess its time to switch out my 1080p to a 4k projector.

RazzerRedux1573d ago

lol......wall size gaming, FTW!

traumadisaster1573d ago

It’s not consumer use, it’s for Indiana University

Tech51572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

yeah I was kinda already expecting Nvidia to be working on new hardware.
in my opinion though, i think it's great that the next gen consoles will be launching this year, as they would have a price to power advantage over pc. apposed to the next gen being delayed eliminating the price to power gap PC will have once Nvidia and AMD start to introduce their next lineup of cards. also bringing down the price of some of their older powerful cards.

- my two cents.

DevilOgreFish1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@ tech
the console prices are not yet set in stone. i would imagine nvidia to introduce another expensive card.
this however does create the opportunity for them to also cut the prices of their RTX cards.
closing the price to power gap with the next gen consoles. should a delay ever happen to the next gen, that could edge the pc gaming market even closer to the next consoles.

Axonometri1572d ago

Agreed. I’ve been thinking I need to upgrade my projector to 4K for the consoles. Now it is more of a “I must” get a 4K projector. My pants pockets are oozing lava.

indysurfn1571d ago

Unless you got a few thousand dollars for a video card for video games that are not made to be take advantage of this card. I would NOT get excited about this. Even the lowest configuration of the previous card mentioned cost $5,700 https://www.amazon.com/PNY-...

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traumadisaster1573d ago

This is not the consumer version, this is for Research

FlyingFoxy1573d ago

Seems so. Wonder if we'll hear about consumer cards at GTC? Or maybe we'll have to wait until Gamescom.. But that's not til August.

MasterCornholio1572d ago

Doesn't stop it from being alot though.

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DarkZane1573d ago

And as usual, they will massively overprice those video cards and a lot of people would need to sell a kidney just to afford one.

RazzerRedux1573d ago

In which case they were not overpriced at all. Supply <-> Demand = Price

AnubisG1573d ago

True but in the past few years crypto curency miners have driven prices to insane levels, though it has eased up now a bit on the last year or two I think but still the cards are very expensive because of miners is what I hear.

RazzerRedux1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )


The problem with the crypto miners was that the cards were bought at retail at regular price and then resold at outrageous prices on online stores such as ebay. The MSRP was never raised by Nvidia.

Either way, that hasn't been an issue ever since ASIC mining rigs took over as the preferred devices rather than gaming GPUs. You can walk into any store now and buy a GPU at regular price. During the crisis, GPUs were extremely scarce.

FlyingFoxy1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

If the 3080Ti is £1,000+ i won't be getting it, the 980Ti was just over £500, in 2 generations the high end Ti model has doubled in price so i can't see me being interested.

I'll be going for a 3070/3080 this time most likely, which should do well at 1440p high refresh rates.

Gridknac1572d ago

Lol, a 1080ti will absolutely smash anything @1440p, 100-120fps now. If that is as high as you are aiming, grabbing a 2080 super for cheap after the 30 series launches would be your best bet.

Hungryalpaca1573d ago

It’s also not a gaming card. It’s for research. Get over yourself.

SinisterKieran1572d ago

Lol a lot of cards “were for research” but eventually become consumer cards

indysurfn1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Your right even last Gens research cards CHEAPEST configuration still cost $5,700