Why Is No One Talking About Microsoft Exclusive Bleeding Edge?

It's March, meaning Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are on the...horizon...but Kieran from WellPlayed writes about why Bleeding Edge deserves a look in

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winter_hill1192d ago

Because who gives a shit about an "online-only competitive arena brawler". Maybe if it had an offline SP focused campaign.

Lennoxb631192d ago

Has nothing to do with it. Overwatch, Apex Legends, R6 Siege, CS:GO, LoL, are the most popular games out with no story mode.

neutralgamer19921192d ago

Those are some huge games from some of the most well known developers while bleeding edge isn't coming from a well known studio

I think game will do fine for what it is trying to do especially being on gamepass

Shiken1192d ago

Do you know how many have tried to mimic those games and failed?

WickedLester1192d ago

Exactly, and throwing ANOTHER one of those types of games onto the pile is just white noise.

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RosweeSon1191d ago

Many things can be popular it doesn’t make them any good. Just dance is a prime example 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Old McGroin1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

@ neutralgamer1992

"bleeding edge isn't coming from a well known studio"

You sure? Their site says it is from the studio behind Devil May Cry and Hellblade. They're called Ninja Theory, you've never heard of them???

Kyizen1191d ago

Yeah but Bleeding edge just looks bad. I could be wrong but the demos and gameplay ive seen did not impress.

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lifeisgamesok1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

This. Always-online games are a big no for me, there's no SP

And this one doesn't even look good

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Genkins1191d ago

"This. Always-online games are a big no for me"

Dreams needs an internet connection though.

"that game gets a pass because it's a PS game..."


BLizardXD1191d ago

@ Genkins

I disagreed because no facts are allowed here..

Tech51191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

"Why Is No One Talking About Microsoft Exclusive Bleeding Edge?"

It is a game from ninja theory, it's probably not "THE" game from ninja theory as i would imagine.
considering games take time to make and this has been in development from way back as a quick cash title. i'm not a big fan of battle royal games myself but from what i do know is that they typically have a road-map, and will likely have more content down the line.

also FYI, for anyone's information about bleeding edge, it is not a free to play game.
it costs $30 on xbox and PC steam. the game will feature multiple modes and new characters in the future.
game also requires a online connection, for now anyways.

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Fist4achin1192d ago

Oversaturated market and unless it brings something new or truly different, it will probably fall to the wayside.

OneLove1192d ago

Here we go with you single player dweebs.

neutralgamer19921192d ago

Nintendo and Sony have done well for decades by making mostly single player games

This mindset from Xbox and it's fans has to change otherwise next gen won't be any different

RosweeSon1191d ago

Ah that’ll be why I’ve never heard of it 😑😏😂 “online only” zzz 💰 😏😑😜

pinkcrocodile751191d ago

The best thing about buying a new game, is not giving a [email protected] what anyone thinks.

Shiken1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

@old mcgroin

You do realize that the one Devil May Cry game is a non canon spin off that most fans hate...right?

Like thats what you are using for an argument for them being well known....

Points for Hellblade though!

RoseSapphire1191d ago

Fans don't hate it for the gameplay and neither did the critics.

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isarai1192d ago

Because it doesn't really stand out that much. And even people who have had hands on with the game unanimously feel pretty "meh" about it overall.

Couple that with the fact that the vast majority of people are going to compare it to Overwatch and it just looks like it's following the exact same path Lawbreakers did.

I love Ninja Theory, but if they wanted the game to stand out they probably shouldn't have used pretty much the exact same style as Overwatch.

GreenDragonCVR1192d ago

I love ninja theory, but Team Ninja (dropping a game soontimes) would smoke them even if the former weren't making a piddling online shooter for philbert spencer.

Ausbo1192d ago

Just because both teams have ninja in the name doesn’t make them comparable. They don’t even make similar games

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Blu3_Berry1192d ago

Personally I don't care much about PVP games these days aside from 1 or 2 games. I'm more into single-player and co-op games anyways. Plus, from what I seen Bleeding Edge doesn't seem to do anything that we haven't seen before. It just meshes with all the other games like Overwatch and Paladins. It's actually weird it's coming out6 this month because I have seen zero marketing for it and as the article states, no one is talking about it. There just seems to be a lack of interest in it.

I hate to say it but I see Bleeding Edge being a flop. It's going to come and go really quick.

Spenok1192d ago

Well, it's going to launch on Gamepass. So you bet it's going to have an "excellent player count" when it launches... as for sales... you can also bet they'll be entirely silent on that front.

Steppenwolfmother1192d ago

They don’t really care too much about sales, especially for this game. As long as they have a steady fan base paying for DLC/battlepasses or whatever that’s all they care about.

rainslacker1191d ago

Itll be free on game pass. That should be enough to at least get people to try it. If ita a good game, and has addictive game play( a must for the genre), itll do fine, and if it's really good, itll pick up more players.

It's unlikely to become the next big thing, but you cant always tell what the next big thing will be.

2BlackBelt1192d ago

I'll tell you why, because they have done zero marketing and just like Crackdown 3 the year before it they will leave any form of promotion till the last minute and forget about its existence straight after launch day.

Palitera1192d ago

The game is dead on arrival. It will be profitable, though, if it is bad and cheap. Why release another clone with such a talented team?

2BlackBelt1191d ago

I dont think the game is bad at all and played since the first Alpha, its continued to improve and surprise.

Microsoft's marketing team needs to wake up and its holding the brand back.

Palitera1191d ago

That's even worse... It means they actually spent money on doing the copycat.

TheHateTheyGive1192d ago

To quote the great avgn, bleeding edge is a steaming pile of goat crap.