Your 360 can be saved after all

We all know someone who has experienced the dreaded "red ring of lights", but now it seems there is a cure for those brave enough to venture into the insides of their Xbox 360.

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Gh0stDrag0n5948d ago

I wonder what thermal paste he used? Artic Silver 5? That stuff is the best. When my warranty runs out I'm going to try a liquid cooling mod!

USMChardcharger5948d ago

what is a liquid cooling mod?

you do know the 360 is liquid cooled?

or maybe this liquid cooling mod you are talking about is to improve upon that,right?

Gh0stDrag0n5947d ago (Edited 5947d ago )

Liquid Cooling is where you pump a liquid (antifreeze) through a water block mounted on the CPU and/or Graphics Chip. Usually a computer that is liquid cooled has a pump,liquid resivor,waterblocks on CPU/VGA/NB, and a heat exchanger/radiator. It works alot like A cars Engine coolant system.
In liquid cooled computers, overclocking is more stable due to the more effecient cooling.

The BS Police5948d ago

This is exact proof that the 360 is not a fualty game system. But I'm sure Sonyfans will ignore this proof anyways and countinue to spead rumors.

Fuzz McDeath5948d ago (Edited 5948d ago )

...don't have time to read it. This story cropped up way back in March - It was quickly debunked as /xbox1data/sep/EEuEAykVuZXMIPE a SP.php...and here is MS's response via e/2006/03/10/533618.aspx

So now the guy at Ars Technica has done it. Let's all wait and see how long it lasts before the lights come back. Not to be a pessimist (well, I am) but I got another few days out of my first 360 just by unplugging the cables and replugging them (not the most technical of fixes).

OutLaw5948d ago

I have a year warranty with Gamestop. If anything should happen to my system they will replace it with a new one. But I guess this is good news for people that their warranty has expired.

USMChardcharger5948d ago

i did the same thing. but when i got home and opened my new 360 up i noticed that M$ was offering a two year warrenty for the same price Gamestop sold me a one year.
i went back to gamestop and got my money back the next day with no problem and then sent the same amount to M$ for theirs.

OutLaw5948d ago

You tell me this now? Some friend you are.

Just kidding

I knew about the warranty with the company. I just figure instead of sending my system out. I could just take it to the store and replace it right then and there.

THELANDSOFSAND5948d ago (Edited 5948d ago )

i'm not sure your average 360 user is going to want to open up his xbox, remove the heatsink, peel a thin layer of plastic from a chip and then cover the chip with paste.

These things freak out the average person, and will lead to a lot of screw ups.

oh and i don't know anyone with the 'ring of death' so thats just BS.

USMChardcharger5948d ago

yeah, i noticed it started the article with, "every one knows someone who has recieved the red ring of light" you, i do not know of anyone that has either.

FamoAmo5947d ago

My friend placed his in a cabinet and closed the doors and in the next hour the red lights appeared but they were b/c of his retarded [email protected]@ not opening his cabinet. His never broke and he took it out of the cabinet and it works just fine now.. So all the retards placing their 360's next to heaters or in bad spots is all it is!! Nothing faulty except the retard that bought the console!!

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The story is too old to be commented.