Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Says "Real-Time Battles Are the Trend for Games These Days"

Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura talked about the development focus of making something that can satisfy both old and new fans.

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Spurg211d ago

But you don't have to follow trends.
This remake has been overblown and the fact that we're not getting the full game after so long in development is pure nonsense.

Tech5210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

based on gamer reception, i think gamers are just happy to play their iconic characters in ways you couldn't imagine before. it's a remake foremost, which grants a certain amount of freedom. and with that in mind, expectantly there will be new elements to the game.

My take -
from my perspective and enjoyment of the original FFVII, in which case i thought it had a very intriguing combat system. with lots of multiple perspectives you could play the mechanics from different angles.

Moving on to the remake, based on gamer reception there is a higher volume of gamers that are in-favor of the updated mechanics which don't interrupt the flow of the action. even if there is a option to add certain tactics to combat, a majority will still gravitate to the new fluid combat actions. as mentioned in the multiple sources of reception based on this newly released demo.

in which case it does sort of take away from the other factors of the original FFVII game. and what made it a specific title to explore with for deeper FFVII fans. The FFVII remake might not be the most definitive experience for classic FFVII gamers. in which case enthusiasts may likely keep both versions of FFVII to go back and forth with. in order to enjoy some of the elements they miss.

Shane Kim210d ago

Personally, I don't care if it is turn based battle system or real time. I'm just happy the days of random battle encounters are over.

silenthillstrangler210d ago

They wouldn't wouldn't be able to milk people for nostalgia if they released the full game now would they.

Blackcanary209d ago

The full game wouldn't come out this year. We would have to wait longer. Part 1 has 40 hours worth of gameplay when midgar on the PS1 was 2 hours max maybe an extra hour on top. If this was going to come out as a full game it would be on 2 or 3 Blu Ray disk lol.

andyo13209d ago

Just wait for them to release all parts.

LordoftheCritics209d ago

At the end of the day it's all about role playing. The closer we can fight like cloud would, the more powerful the connection.

Real time action makes complete sense here.

andyo13209d ago

I’m going to wait for them to release all parts before I play it.

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isarai211d ago

There's still a HUGE audience for tactical/turn based combat though, pokemon is proof enough of that.

Germaximus209d ago

Not really. People play it because it's Pokemon, not because it's turn-based.

andyo13209d ago

Yes really. There are loads of other Pokémon games with different game mechanics, and none of them do as well as the original turn based mechanic.

-Foxtrot211d ago

I don't understand, from Pokemon to Lost Odyssey to Persona 5 to Dragon Quest XI, turn base can still work

People think of the concept as that gameplay feature we experienced on the PS1, 20 years ago but the games above I mentioned showed us how it can be updated, to keep us engaged more.

If you made FFVII look like this and featured turn based combat, but refined in a modern, updated way where it was quicker to get into battle while also having something to keep you more active within the fight (Squalls Gun Blade R1 trigger in FFVIII for example to gain extra damage) then there would still be a lot of interest for the game. It's not like the game wouldn't sell.

Blackcanary209d ago

I believe after how well Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children the movie did. People wanted to see a move live action version of the game. SE is a Japanese company they always do these polls to the public in Japan asking them what they would like to see in their next games. It's one of the reason why FF 13 part 2 and 3 was made. I have a feeling they did something like this in Japan and people there wanted to see a live action version of the game.

Wintersun616209d ago

I played the demo on normal mode and sometimes found it hard to focus on the fast action and keep track of my ATB bar. Many times I ended up pressing X to pause the battle only to find out that my ATB bar is not full and I had to wait for one more second or deal a couple more blows before I could use a spell or item. Or if I looked at the tiny ATB bar in the middle of combat I often took a hit I would've otherwise blocked or dodged. Also I didn't like the other character just doing what they feel like when you're controlling another one in XIII, and I don't like it now. It felt like a good try at mixing real time action and turn based gameplay, but it just doesn't feel good to me. But maybe I'll get used to it with more practice, so I'll give it another chance when the game releases I guess.

NecrumOddBoy211d ago

I like the battle system in the remake. It feels like a good mix. With as many changes as this game has made, I don't mind.

Personally I am sad the pre-rendered bitmap backgrounds and fixed cameras were replaced at all.

PhoenixUp211d ago

This should already tell you what kind of battle system Final Fantasy XVI will have

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