BioWare, Where Is Jade Empire 2?

GB: "It does seem that with BioWare being in the spot that they are, where their last two major releases haven’t exactly lived up to expectations, perhaps a big shift in direction is just what the doctor ordered to inject themselves with a new surge of energy and start to turn the page just in time for the new decade. It’s tough to say at this point, but with the Jade Empire trademark being suspended as of April of last year, I wouldn’t suggest anybody start holding their breath for anything major for this game just yet."

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winter_hill510d ago

It's dead, just like BioWare. Dead.

FallenAngel1984509d ago

You should be asking where their talent went first

Spoilers most of them left the company already

thatguyhayat509d ago

They've addressed this before, Microsoft owns the IP and its upto them but its better to leave it then make a sequel. The OGs have a new studio and are working on a Sci-Fi game for next gen

AK91509d ago

What new studio are you referring to? I'm out of the loop about this.

Knightofelemia509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

They're to busy trying to keep Anthem alive and I doubt EA will fire up an old ip. And on top of that if they did make the game it will probably be as bad as ME Andromeda since most of the talent is gone now leave it to EA to wreck a good company.

starchild509d ago

ME Andromeda was disappointing, but it was still a pretty good game, IMO. I would rather get another Jade Empire, even if it's only that good, rather than not get another one at all.

TheColbertinator509d ago

The first question is Where is Bioware?

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