Final Fantasy 7 Remake Voice Cast On Living Up To Fan Expectation

IGN sat down with some of the voice cast for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake and discussed what it's like bringing new voices to such iconic characters.

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Babadook7573d ago

In the demo I’d say they all did a great job of being these characters to life.

DazaMc573d ago

Agreed, the voice acting was very good.

SegaGamer572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

I found the voice acting for Barret to be really obnoxious. I can see myself getting annoyed listenting to him talking with that grunting / shouty voice constantly.

The rest were fine.

Babadook7571d ago

Barret is supposed to be obnoxious. And I liked him in the demo. Really interesting character who is acted dead on to what the original was.