Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Control, Wolfenstein II, More Join PS Now in March

Action heroes Lara Croft, Jesse Faden, and William "B.J." Blazkowicz join the PS4 service starting today.

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RazzerRedux364d ago

PS Now is starting to look pretty beefy.

RpgSama364d ago

Wow, Control, was not expecting something like that so soon, they are really pushing the service.

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itsmebryan364d ago

STR just left game pass . I wonder if game will be on both game pass and PS now at the same time. Or will they have it as an exclusive for a period of time.

Eonjay363d ago

Actually we know that the answer is no. A developer revealed that the deal with Game Pass is subscription exclusivity but remember this also allows them to sell non sub versions concurrently.

rainslacker363d ago

Some will, some wont. Some will be on one but not the other. Just depends on what the dev and service providers offer and and accept, and what the service providers feel is worth it

roadkillers363d ago

If I own PSNow, can I play non-PSNow games online? My guess is no, but would be a benefit if they combine the two services.

RazzerRedux363d ago

Online gaming is still separate with PS+, unfortunately.

badz149363d ago

wow, you just have to find something to crap on PS+ ha? it's not enough that PS+ allows you to play all its games online without PS+, suddenly it's an issue that it doesn't allow you play non-PSNow games online too? I think you're a bit reaching there considering how generous the PS+ offer already is and how Sony totally not charging its players for F2P games on PS4 unlike MS.

Petebloodyonion363d ago

You can only play online the game from PS Now library

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Kribwalker363d ago

they’re definitely improving, now get me some day one PS Exclusives and i’ll be sold

CaptainHenry916363d ago

After Microsoft makes one good first party exclusive first that's not name Halo or Gears

Kribwalker363d ago

forza horizon 3 and 4. Both higher rated then any sony racing exclusive.....

CaptainHenry916362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

A racer? You gotta be kidding me lol. And yet Microsoft still lost the console War. Microsoft has a long way to go

dlocsta363d ago

I don't have a PS but I have to say this is a nice line up. Looks like you guys will be having some fun this month.

Eidolon363d ago

Yeah if you look down they add some other games :). Passed few months they were only adding 1 "permanently"

gamer7804363d ago

great games! Psnow just needs to get downloadable version for all games and a good entry price, its too expensive compared to gamespass.

RazzerRedux363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

The pricing is very good. Better than Game Pass, frankly, with the yearly option. Not sure what kind of "entry" pricing there needs to be. You've got the 7-day trial. $10 is fine for a month. But for long term sub, you'd be crazy not to take advantage of the yearly pricing. Overall, pricing puts PS Now on par with Game Pass. That's just between the consoles though. Game Pass on PC rocks at $5 a month right now.

All PS4 games are downloadable. PS3 are not probably won't ever be unless Sony tries to implement emulation for BC. Very doubtful.

gamer7804362d ago

@razzer. Sony needs a bundle with PS+, I got gamespass for just under 150$ for 3 years and that includes gold, I’d love to see Sony adopt a strategy like that and get people onboard.

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Knushwood Butt364d ago

Wasn't the rumour that Control was going to game pass?

darthv72363d ago

At that time, he was correct in that it was coming but 505 changed their mind. It happens.

twiggytree12363d ago

^Nah. Dude was just flat out wrong. It happens to him a lot.

bouzebbal364d ago

He was teasing ps now release!

ILostMyMind363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Everybody knows that he prefers PlayStation. Mike Ybarra too.

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timotim364d ago

Those are two really good titles to hit the service.

S2Killinit364d ago

Recently bought PSN, its actually pretty nice as a compliment to games I buy. Lets me try different things that i either wanted and missed or would never have tried otherwise.

darthv72363d ago

That is a great way to look at these services. Try before you buy.

Knushwood Butt363d ago

Does the game save data get stored locally on the PS4?

Also, do trophies count as if you were playing the game from a local source?

S2Killinit363d ago

Im not sure. When you first load a streaming game it gives you tips. I believe one of them is that if you later decide to download a game you began ppaying by streaming, you will get an option to transfer your saves to your hard drive. I have no idea about the trophies, but if I had to guess, yes, your trophies would show up in the same place as downloaded games.