Does Final Fantasy VII Remake have any appeal to players without any nostalgia for the original?

Is Square Enix building Final Fantasy VII Remake to appeal to brand new players?

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NecrumOddBoy206d ago

After playing the demo, I am really excited about this. It's still irritating Square isn't releasing this as a complete package (this is not even justifiable) but what is built here is incredible gameplay.

Rude-ro205d ago

It is said to be 50-60 hours of gameplay for the $60 price tag...
I get your point, but if said hours is in your first play through, we are getting better value than a lot of other AAA $60 games that average 7-12hours

harmny205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

This just proves that games should be more expensive. They have to cut a 20 year old game in 2 or 3 parts because modern standards require so much more work.

Fluttershy77205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Any other developer/publisher and franchise doing this, and there would be an angry internet mob after them...

and @harmny yeah right because triple AAA games that are good and then actually sell well, are losing money... because the price is wrong! I don't know why they keep making them? I mean, I can't understand it if then they are forced to sell their games at a loss

NecrumOddBoy205d ago

Midgar isn't a 60hr experience unless you're grinding forever. FFVII is a 60-80hr game with max levels. This demo was awesome but cutting it into chunks wasn't needed. But I guess we will see what new content is added.

dumahim205d ago


They didn't need to add all the extra stuff in.

nommers205d ago


You’re kidding right? This IS the franchise and developer angry knee jerk mobs exacerbate issues with.

MWH205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


What are doing boy? stop talking and leave.

Angyobangyo205d ago


It proves nothing and a silly argument. Most AAA games take a lot of time and money to make. Remember the excuse when publishers said the same thing and add "just cosmetics", and look at the majority of the gaming landscape this gen. Square is notorious for announcing games and releasing them years away, and sometimes the wait isn't worth hype. KH3 and FF13 are examples of that. While not terrible games, they didn't live up to the expectation for many. If this was a completely new FF game and they announced it would be episodic, fans would go ape, but because this carries the FF7 brand it gets a pass.

It is an easy excuse to say they had to make it episodic because it requires so much work but could set a dangerous tone going forward. Answer me this why can content-rich games like Witcher series release complete and not in episodes? Cyberpunk was announced in 2012, took them 8 years to develop and complete it. FF7 Remake was announced in 2015 and they probably started working on it before that date and we get it in episodes! They are milking fans, it is obvious. I am not going to take the word of developers when they say a game will last X hours. Any numbers mentioned by devs are generally inflated to boost the hype.

What do you mean by "modern standards"? Good games have always been hard to develop, with the progression of technology it has made the job easier (not easy, know the difference). FF7 remake uses the Unreal 4 engine, they have all the tool at their disposal because didn't have to build their own engine for the game which saves a lot of time.

Using how many hours of content it will take complete doesn't justify a pricing model. Deadcells and the Binding of Isaac can provide many hours of gaming enjoyment for a fraction. Let's not forget the Order 1886 which sold at full price for a few hours of content, yet in the game's defence, it was complete even if it didn't live up to the hype.

This is a game I'll pick up second hand at a fraction of the price. I am not going to get hyped and pay full price for half of the game and not knowing when the second part is coming out.

rainslacker205d ago


SE wouldn't likely announce a new FF game as episodic, because why would they do that? People are familiar with FF7. They know how much content was there. Not just in the game itself, but all the extra story that existed in other games, comics, anime, a movie, and just general lore that surrounds it. Square explained what they were doing, and it's not just adding clean breaks to the current story, but making what was there already deeper than it was before. The demo alone, in about 1-2 hours of game play, already showed more character building between a couple incidental characters you never see after a few hours into the original. There is also a lot more to fighting the battles in this game than I originally thought, so it's not just some straight up port to the game.

If people are upset about it being split into three parts, maybe those people should wait for reviews, and first hand accounts to see if the game lives up to a $60 game. If it doesn't, then don't buy it, or wait for a full release somewhere down the line.

As far as how much it costs to make. I'm sure if it's a $60 game, then it's likely going to have as much content as many other $60 games, and while the demo didn't show a lot of the world, what was there was extremely high production value. Not to get all giddy about CGI, but that opening scene, that train probably cost more than all the cutscenes of FF7 did when it was first produced. The level of detail in that part of the world was unlike anything we've seen in games to date.

"Using how many hours of content it will take complete doesn't justify a pricing model"

So, length is the standard for pricing? Jedi Fallen Order should be a $40 game though. It's only about 20 hours long to platinum, even if you aren't trying too hard. Borderlands 3 should be a $200 game, because people will probably play it for years. Why not wait until the game releases so you can have a better basis by which to judge the game's price based on your metric. That said, The order was not complete. There were obvious places where it felt like something was supposed to be there, and it wasn't. It had a complete story, except it ended on a cliffhanger, which is what's going to happen with FF7. Except instead of a cliffhanger, it will end on a "To be Continued". Hence, episodic, but not episodic in the sense that a telltale game is five parts.

"This is a game I'll pick up second hand at a fraction of the price. I am not going to get hyped and pay full price for half of the game and not knowing when the second part is coming out."

Your perogative. But sounds like you're trying to convince yourself that others should agree with you more than you have any real interest in the game. If you're hung up on it not being complete, then so be it. If this was a new game, with no predecessor to compare it to, and it was a 60 hour RPG, and had plenty of content and story and ended on a "To be continued" would you really judge it so harshly? Seems more like in this case, nostalgia is causing you to not think it through logically, or the logic you use is based on a lot of assumption.

Melankolis205d ago

If it's true 50-60 hours, then it's a good news. I thought it will last only 20-25 hours, 35 with extra, because i just don't see it as an RPG anymore, it's more like Action-RPG with more linear gameplay, let alone it's only a part 1.

If it's that long and provide exploration more or less than the original, then it's very good news indeed.

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Arikv2205d ago

The level of quality and detail they wanted to give it is just too expensive in this day and age. If I have to pay extra to ensure the quality is the best, I'm okay with that.

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Angyobangyo205d ago

SquareEnix: We are releasing the game in parts because we want to ensure the quality and detail.

CDProjekt has entered the chat.

CDProket: Sorry, could you repeat that?

SquareEnix: SquareEnix has left the chat.

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FallenAngel1984205d ago

If it’s so unjustifiable then just wait until the entire remake is available while other people enjoy the episodes as they come out

TheRealTedCruz205d ago

That's what I'm doing. I'm currently replaying the original release.
Entire game for $8.

I don't have to wait an entire decade to finish the rerelease of it.

rainslacker205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Hope no one spoils the story for them. :)

Seriously though, The people who say they're willing to wait another 4-6+ years for the entire series I hope never complain about how long SE takes to release one out of twenty games they make. The production value on display in the demo is remarkable. Far better than any compressed stream can do justice too. That train was meticulously detailed, and seeing midgar as Aerith walks out onto the street made me all nostalgic and giddy. If they did this for a 50-60 hour game, then I think it's worth $60, even if I have to do that three times.

I've played the first one more times than I can count, and played the supplimental games(outside mobile) over the years. I'm actually excited to see how they integrate the expanded lore and characters into the game, and if they do it well, then playing FF7 again can feel like an actual new experience. Just the small expansion of Jessie's character on display in the demo showed they are looking to offer more to the story. The production value itself I can't imagine working for a $60 game, if the remake was the full content of the original. I don't think people realize just how massive the PS1 FF games were by today's standards. It actually outpaced today's standards, and length nowadays is more superficial running around big worlds without much to do.

Muzikguy205d ago

The demo definitely sold me. I'm still not a fan of it not being turn based, but the gameplay is much better than I imagined it to be. Nostalgia aside, this game holds up all by itself. It's definitely one of the more polished games that I've seen this gen. That's assuming the demo is the same as the original. Sure it's getting broken up into parts which is a bummer to those that played the original, but the part in the demo was also able to be played in like 10 minutes in the original while it took longer now. I really like the attention to detail in this new game

The_Sage205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I thought there was an option to play it turned based.

EDIT: In the difficulty settings there is classic mode. From what I've read it makes it somewhat like turned based.

Muzikguy205d ago


I didn't see that just figured it was probably because of being a demo. I'll have to check it out

rainslacker205d ago

Sage, I believe it just does a kind of automapping of commands to the game play loop. The new game is pretty fluid, and since you can still use a menu system which doesn't punish you for using Kingdom Hearts), and that menu is pretty fluid, I think they found a good mix of the new and old. Still a lot of button mashing though, but I was impressed with how quick and easy it was to switch characters and perform different actions. Hopefully they have a way to set up auto-commands for certain events though. Just using a potion was a break in the action. So something like the Gambit system from FF12 or whatever they called it in FF13 would be nice.

Vizigoth04205d ago

FF7 Remake for just this Midgard Portion is on 2 Discs for PS4. By the time it’s all said and done we’re talking what 10 discs for PS4 5 discs for PS5 and if it goes to Switch more like 3 cartridges lol just kidding. Bottom line though is god game is huge and the rest of it will be as well. I’m more than happy to relive this game no matter what.

lucian229205d ago

midgar becoming a 40-60 hour experience is why the game is being split up. New characters, locations, stories etc. The game is being more fleshed out overall; I'm happy with this

Tapani205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

It looks okay, but I just really don't understand why you need to hit a dog with that kind of a big sword 40 times before it dies. The HP depletes incredibly slowly in battles for normal enemies that it looks like a grind fest compared to the original. You could just hit an enemy once in the original at early stages and it was dead. I think they made the wrong choice making this an action game, or at least they should have higher stakes in battles by making it akin to dark souls and stats driven, compared to this semi-action MMORPG "hit a small enemy enemy 80 times to kill it because you like pushing that O button so much!"

I loved the original due to its magical atmosphere, it's relatively slow pace and stats driven combat that was not a grind fest, but balanced just right to keep things moving forward. I still think the original is a great game, one of the best out there.

rainslacker205d ago

FF7 was huge on grind. And you gotta admit, taking some more time to kill things on the map is better than stopping where you're going every 3 steps to go into another screen to one hit enemies when you did grind out levels. Even the original took some time to kill enemies if you weren't leveled up.

kayoss205d ago

If they didnt cut it into different parts, the game would take many many more years to complete. Fans already giving Sqaure a hard time on the development time (see Kingdom hearts III), imagine if they told us that FFVII remake will take a total 15 years to complete. Fans will walk to Square and burn their entire facility down. It just to show that nothing will please fans.

lio_convoy205d ago

Okay, Gensie. At the end of the day, vote with your wallet. Don't just complain on the Internet, because Big Corporation won't get the message that way. You're not going to offend them this way. The only way to get Big Corp to listen to you is the old fashioned way. Shiny's.

LMosche205d ago

Haha there's only so much they're gonna give you for 60 dollars lmao. You probably buy multiplats so I don't see why you're complaining. These guys have no clue about video game development.

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Knightofelemia206d ago

Can't wait one more month for the remake I wish Xenogears was getting a remake from the ground up

jznrpg205d ago

I would love that , but it doesn’t have a 1/8th
of the popularity of FF7

SurgicalMenace205d ago

Man, you side it, Xenogears is my all time favorite RPG. Philosophy at its finest. Haven't experienced a more complete story to date. If you have, drop that recommendation.

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Magic_Spatula205d ago

Would love if it happened but Square most likely won't because to them it didn't sell well enough even though it sold over 1 million copies.

FallenAngel1984205d ago

Xenoblade is getting a remake from the ground up though

Muzikguy205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I wish they'd give FFIX this kind of attention as well. I never completed Xenogears but that's a cool game

Imagine if other companies to a page from this and fully redid some.of.their past gems. Legend of Dragoon would be amazing along with so many more

Segata205d ago

I want an FFIX remake but I don't want it broken up and expanded on. Exactly how it was just modern visuals...and fix the that damn card game.

Muzikguy205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Sometimes the modern visuals ruin the game IMO. Not the case with 7 here, but they did it with Tactics and Secret of Mana and some others as well (FF3?). I still would take the original games over all those that I mentioned EXCEPT for 7. They did a fantastic job. I would absolutely welcome the same treatment for FFIX if they chose to do so

Segata205d ago

It would not be right if anyone outside of Monolith remade Gears. Yes I know who they are owned by but it's their baby even if not their IP.

Lionsguard205d ago

Xenogears is the next best RPG for me but I would totally take just an HD remaster plus they actually finish Disc 2 and not have it be that BS that they ended up pulling because they ran out of time.

rainslacker205d ago

I'd prefer Xenosaga myself, but would not say no to xenogears. I don't know if I'd want it remade without the original creator working on it though, and Nintendo pretty much owns his studio now. I like the Nintendo Xeno games, but they don't invoke the same feelings from me that those saga and gears did.

Fun fact, Xenogears was the original pitch for FF7. Square felt it was too dark for the series.

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Nyxus205d ago

I've never played the original and am getting the remake day one. JRPG is one of my favorite genres these days.

Shiken205d ago

Yeah after playing the demo, the gameplay is fantastic. Nostalgia is nice, but not needed to enjoy this game. If anything those that did not play the original have MORE to enjoy, as they will be experiencing the story for the first time.

I just hope that with the game cut up into parts, they expand upon and add meaningful story content and maybe some twists to catch us all off guard. Like we are watching the same events occurre in an alternate reality kind of thing, so things won't have to line up 1 to 1.

If they don't do that, and Midgar is truly 50 hours, there is no other way to do it besides adding fluff and padding to drag the story out. I feel this is more of a reimagining than a retelling, so hopefully the die hards can appreciate that and not get bent out of shape with any changes that might be made to the plot.

Akuma72387204d ago

The game is not a 1 to 1. They expanded midgar so we are exploring almost the whole city plus flushed out original content and story. Plus added side missions and sub stories. Think of a version of the game where they added All the content of a full final fantasy but confined it to one massive city

umair_s51205d ago

Yeah...I missed out on the original but I liked the demo so far...will get it for sure

locomorales205d ago

Thanks to Square not listening to reactionary gamers, the answer is a resounding yes. Fortunately the company made a 2020 game using the 1997 game framework, being a beautiful gateway not only to the world of Final Fantasy VII, but to the Final Fantasy series as a whole. And an automatic door, by the way.

rainslacker205d ago

Does a remake of a game which may be good, and is often considered to be one of the best RPGs of all time, often said to have one of the best stories in gaming, and pretty much is known by everyone regardless of if they played it, and so far seems to be well received as a good game based on the demo, have appeal to a wider audience?

Gee....I dunno. That's a tough call to make. /s

djplonker205d ago

"best stories in gaming"

Uh as much as I love the game the plot is a complete mess and the bad localisation really didn't help........

dumahim205d ago

The masses seem to disagree, at least in terms of the story.

rainslacker205d ago

The veracity of the claim of best story is besides the point that its widely regarded to have one of the best stories in gaming.

Muzikguy205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

You forgot the "often considered to be". Maybe you don't think so but many do. (I prefer IX myself. And 3 and 5)

WGAF205d ago

Imo, FF7 got a couple of things that help with it popularity.

It was one of the few games that kicks off 3D gaming. The new technology allowed more flashy graphics, environment or cut scenes rendered in 3d real time, was a beginning of a trend, a sensation at the time.
It also helps that it was already a part of a well loved and established rpg's series.

Those things helps to get ff7 to where it is at now. But story wise, its weakest point imho, comparing to other FFs (3, 6, 9, 10). Not to mention other game like chrono trigger, xenogears, sky of Arcadia, phantasy star series, etc...which deserve more recognition.

Nebaku205d ago

I don't know how you could possibly argue the story of FF7 is weaker than any prior FF other than maybe 6. The story of the early FF's like 1, 2, 3, etc. were solid, but they also didn't attempt much of ones at all. Just "light vs Dark" isn't that compelling, nor are the bosses who are largely random with nothing to do with the story.

Hell, there was a deeper story in most of the FF7's individual character backstories, like Barrett or RedXIII's, than the entire story of many prior ones.

djplonker205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


One of the major plot point revolves around cloud thinking he was someone else and a simple "hey tifa remember that time we went to the reactor" would have killed a good 30% of the story.

Every sephiroth you fight is actually jenova morphing shape you only fight the real sephiroth at the end.

Sephiroth is locked up in the black crystal until the end of disc 2, so sephiroth didn't kill aerith it was jenova but its so badly explained ingame no one really know this.

Game has resurrection items yet they don't work for some reason when one of them dies and its never explained why, you can get crushed by the earths living weapons and its fine to rez that but one stab in the stomach is too much?

rainslacker205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I'm not saying I agree with the notion that it has one of the best stories, just that its widely regarded as such. I think it has a good story, but there were better RPG stories around before and after ff7 release.

I actually prefer ff9, which often gets nods for great story, but its mainstream popularity was much lower them ff7, so doesnt seem to get as much love.

As far as resurrection items, that's just a thing with RPGs. Some used a more appropriate "knocked out" term, and if you're going to dive too heavy into the inconsistencies of cognitive dissidence, it's probably best to not play any game with any kind of anime theme.

I do agree that the translation was severely lacking back in the ps1 days, and none of the rereleases ever changed that. We could discuss for days the translation errors and how they affect the story

goldwyncq205d ago

Sephiroth was directly in control of that Jenova piece that killed Aerith so it was still him.

djplonker205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I just looked at 4 lists from different websites on "best stories in gaming" and ff7 did not appear once, it was stuff like rdr2 / god war / the witcher 3, we have moved on from squares nonsense writing being regarded as the best in gaming sometime ago.

Funnily enough ff9 was number 1 on one of the lists I looked at and is definitely the one ff game that stands out for having a fairly simple yet great plot.

rainslacker205d ago

So, lists from millennial who can only cite modern games? I've been in gaming forums for several decades now. Before most people even knew what the internet was. Since FF7 came out, it is often talked about as having a great story. This is especially true among FF titles, where it seems about even between FF7 and 10. FF6 also gets quite a few mentions.

There is no way you're going to convince me that FF7 isn't often cited as having a great story, if not one of the best stories in gaming. I don't agree 100%, but that's not the point of my comment. You're trying to argue with me about if the story was good or not, when I'm only talking about the perception that it's a widely well regarded game, which is recognizable among the mainstream because of the impact it had when it released. That is going to rub off on new players who may not have nostalgia for the game, because they may be curious about what all the fuss is about.

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