Xbox Evolved - NXE: The Good, The Bad, and Only On 360

Some of XE's staff has gotten their hands on the NXE and we have plenty to say about the good, the bad, and the worse that you will only find on Xbox 360.

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Spike473625d ago

MS was aiming for a very simple to use idea for LIVE, and this is what they came up with I guess.

krouse933625d ago

Looks rather boring adn if you realized its a combo of the Wii channels in the XMB style format i mean seriosly microsoft where is you creativity. And you avatars right you stole the Idea from Both SOny and Nintendo the Miis and the Avatars from home you created their Bastard Child. DAMN YOU MICROSFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

ThanatosDMC3625d ago

See, this is what i said on a previous post some time ago but people disagreed with me. Oh well, i guess. At least they toned down the advertising but im not exactly sure when my 360 finally connects to live.

cRaZyLeGs 933625d ago

They claim they made avatars years ago lol. But they still get this huge update announced and released waay quicker than home.

Megatron083624d ago

What a piece of crap article. They put netflix down as being a bad then turn around and talk about how netflix makes using the video market place outdated. They put down having to buy clothing for avatars as a bad thing yet all the clothing is free. Complains about "random disconnects" yet this has nothing to do with NXE especially when its not even out yet. More then likely it related to extremely high amount of users playing gears. They list avatars, installing games and navigation as both good and bad. They say ms stole the UI from apple yet its a lot like vista and been called a vista rip off for a long time.

Traveler3624d ago

Actually, the thing that I've seen that it looks the most closely to is their own windows media center extender interface. Avatars have been around for ages and I think it is silly for anybody to act like Nintendo invented them. The NXE interface looks slick and no matter how MS designed the interface they could not have avoided comparisons with other interfaces and other features. Nobody could build an interface today and not have it contain elements that had already been seen in other interfaces. The thing that I care about is whether it works and whether I like it...and NXE looks like it will succeed on both of those fronts.

Rofflecopter3624d ago

it'll probably be better than the blades eventually, but for now im dreading this update. if i wanted a casual "mii" experience, i would have gotten a wii. if i wanted xmb, i have the playstation. if i wanted netflix i would have a box already.. and give me a browser.

i like being able to delete zero's from my gamerscore though. lots of games the girlfriend rented..

The Lazy One3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

it looks almost exactly like media center, except with a different colored background and little people stuck in.

edit: in an effort to save bubbles... I'm upset primetime isn't in yet (are we sure it's not and it wasn't just axed from the preview version?).

season0073624d ago

but i like how this author comparing buying with renting
owning a thing permanently and owning a thing temporarily isn't the same thing...the netflix service is good, i have it too cause i don't have too much cash for blu-rays, but then if i could of course i would want to actually own all the nice movies i like

The cost of having something and being able to use it for a fixed period is non-comparable mate...

xhairs93624d ago was stolen from Apple. Vista was stolen from apple, and if this was stolen from vista, it was modeled from apple.

Lifendz3624d ago

except the icons are so big that you could never have a theme in the background and see it or enjoy it? Improvement on the blade system but XMB is still easier on the eyes.

ofx3603624d ago

Have you guys never seen Windows Media Center. What wrong with you people. I'll give you the Wii thing but definitely not the XMB.

...wait, if you think the NXE copied the xmb but NXE is actually a variation on Windows media center then does that mean xmb actually copied Microsoft... whoa

mrnjl3624d ago

That maybe true but AppleTV sux balls big time. Would rather Vista Media Center anyday over that overpriced piece of crap. Also get the bonus of all my Xbox360`s can now watch HDTV

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meepmoopmeep3625d ago

i think NXE is great from what i saw at E3.
what i like moar is all the "manly" xbox owners having to be moar "gay" now.
lmao.. "ha-ha"

ASSASSYN 36o3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Once can be forgivin...barely. But typing "moar" twice makes you an idiot.

Kami3625d ago

You, sir, are an idiot. :(

Witty Comment3624d ago

you, sir, are and idiot.


ofx3603624d ago

That, my grammatically challenged friend, was NOT a "Witty Comment"

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Shadow Man3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I want a You Tube Channel like the one the PS3 has.

Noob3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

You have to create a avatar and you have to update. I don't think some people will like it but they don't have a choice.

And please don't give me that "you can just use the blades in the guide". No, you have to use this interface. Regardless, you'll have to use it and it's not the same guide.

Merritt3625d ago

I'm actually liking the update. Sorry you don't, if you even have it yet.

Traveler3624d ago

What's your point? We have to use the XMB when we use the PS3 and Sony gives us no choice in the matter. Quit being a hater.

Merritt3624d ago


I have to commend you on your cross-platform non-biasness. Haha. The update isn't that bad at all. I've never used the XMB, unless it's the exact same as the PSP, if that's the case then that's not bad either.

You can't have push start to go anymore, these systems do so much more than any other you have to have a way to smoothly access them. So you may see similarities.

KingME3624d ago

Two questions, first do you even own a 360.

Second, why didn't you name your account "knob" instead of "noob"?

Is this the way most of the world is? Does everyone wake up in the morning and simply look for sh!t to whine about.

Additionally, why are there so many PS3 fans trolling this thread. I can see the 360 guys that don't like it and complain about it, I can even see PS3 fans that also own a 360. But, why are you PS3 only even in this thread running your mouth. Is this just another chance for you to cry about Microsoft and you just couldn't pass it up?

There is "SO" much b!tching and Wh!ning going on in the gaming world.

Noob3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I don't even own a PS3.

Everything I'm saying is true. I don't like the avatars.

Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm a "PS3 only" gamer.

Get your head out your @$$ and suck it up and quit crying about people not liking it.


"What's your point? We have to use the XMB when we use the PS3 and Sony gives us no choice in the matter. Quit being a hater."

What's yours? I never used a PS3 XMB and don't own a PS3 but that's totally different. Microsoft is forcing me to change the interface if I want to play online. That's the point. It shows how they're shoving it down our throat by making us create an avatar and using the interface.

JD_Shadow3624d ago

"I don't even own a PS3.

Everything I'm saying is true. I don't like the avatars.

Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm a "PS3 only" gamer.

Get your head out your @$$ and suck it up and quit crying about people not liking it."

You forgot how definite in their beliefs some of the 360 fanboys on this site are, man (not to mention how stubborn they can be). If you are even remotely talking about anything about their precious console negatively, then you're automatically labeled a PS3 fanboy, regardless of what you say or do. Oh, and they riot and pop all your bubbles, too, all before turning the blame towards the PS3 "fanboys" and somehow try to get people to believe it's THEM that do these deeds on this site while they are always innocent.

Trust me, I've been on here long enough now to see it. You have to like every single little thing about the 360 or else. There's no if's, and's, or but's about it to them.

Vavoom3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

To be honest with you, you're the one that's being the "tool".

First off your coming onto N4G with a 2 day old account proves it. Most people new to a board or forum tends to listen for a day or two before talking a bunch of SH!T. Which proves one of two things, either you really are a "KNOB". Or you a person running multiple accounts, which makes you a "DOUCHE-BAG".

You claim that you own a 360? Okay, what's your gamer tag. Do you even know what it is?

@darkpower - That hot steamy SH!T coming out of your mouth leads me to say one thing, and that is. "LOOK IN THE MIRROR" you have just described both the PS3 and the 360 Fanboy on this site. And if you don't think the PS3 fanboys do the same thing, then you're a bigger fool than you sounded like in your last comment. Can't believe you could have typed that with a straight face.

JD_Shadow3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

DAMN, dude. CHILL!

1. Him having a two-day old account proves WHAT about his opinions? EVERYONE has to begin somewhere. You're account, MY account, EVERYONE'S account was two days old at some point, which makes this tactic not only moot, but unfair at the same time.
2. I have seen that a LOT of gamers on here don't list their PSN or Gamertag (or Mii, for that matter). In other words, they don't care to list any of them whatsoever them here. Does that make them any less valid to say what is on their mind? You're trying to use things that no one would care about any other time to try to dress him down. Another unfair tactic. And if he DOES reveal his gamertag, will you be convinced, or will you ask him for further proof, and then further proof, and then further proof, until he can't make it any clearer?
3. About your diatribe about me: So, you contradicted yourself. You said that I need to look in the mirror when PS3 and 360 loons both commit those acts. Okay, fine. Now, read what I said: That the 360 people accuse the PS3 people of doing things that they do themselves. Did I SAY that the PS3 people were innocent? Of course not. Neither are the Wii people. Do I believe that the 360 people do it a LOT more often over things that are legit? From my vantage point, no doubt about it. And, is it me, or did you just prove me completely right by saying all of that? Besides, looking at your post history (or what IS of one, since you rarely appear from the looks of it), you're not exactly unbiased yourself.
4. You seem to have a LOT of hate piled up in your mind. You may want to look into that a little.
5. Regardless of your diatribe, you never DID argue anything that he had said about the interface and how MS is basically forcing you to choose the NXE over the blades (I'm sure some people would rather not use the NXE). You not once made any point other than you thought he was a tool and that I was a sh!t-talker.

Maybe you should heed your own advise and explanations.

@KingME: Why is it that every time a 360 story comes around, you think that 360 owners are the absolute only people allowed to comment on that story? This is while you guys troll everything else without any complaints from ANYONE? See, unlike the things I mentioned above, you're the ONLY group on here I've see that somehow thinks that the news is only allowed to be commented on by YOU! If N4G was made that way, then they would've done it that way. Instead, you're thankful that they didn't, because you would be SO angry if you weren't able to try to dress down any of that LBP hype or the Home stuff. It's called interjecting objectivity.

And why does it HAVE to be "trolling" to you guys? Why do you guys ALWAYS ignore the points they bring up? Why can't we have an opinion on it, too? Remember, the news might persuade those people TO buy a 360! Why shouldn't they comment on something that might affect that kind of decision?

Seriously, why do you guys keep thinking that you're the only ones that are allowed to get your own exclusive club? If you're THAT touchy, make your own damn password protected site that you can invite only who you want in and say whatever you want and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Noob3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

XBL tag: King of Noobs I

Pretty stupid crowd. I only get this type of response when I'm not agreeing with something that's being done by MS and here you tools come to the rescue.

I bet if I was saying how awesome this update is and how cool the avatars are to me (then i would lying) I wouldn't get this type of fanboy responses.

Just accept I don't like this avatar system and get over it. I don't own a PS3, I dont have different names, I just don't like this avatar system. I didn't bash it or call it names but I still get attacked by fanboys.

Darkpower summed it up pretty nicely.

Icecold333623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

"Why do you guys ALWAYS ignore the points they bring up?"

Perhaps if the points being brought up weren't expressed in a matter of pure hatred and as a simple unbiased opinion instead, more people would be open to your comments. Here a question for you. If you are a PS3 owner that doesn't have a 360 and don't plan on buying one, why do you feel compelled give the 360 masses your opinion.

I don't comment on how the PC owners have to constantly upgrade their rigs to inorder to play the latest games because it doesn't concern me. Because I don't game on my PC. I don't complain about not liking the PS3 XMB (which i don't) because I can care less. I guess what I am really wondering is, why do you care about what goes on on the 360.

Vavoom is right about noob as are you. But he does talk more like a seasoned N4G veteran rather than a 2 day old noob. So, based on what I can see I agree with vavoom in his case.

But you were the one in "This" thread that first brought up the blame game comment. READ YOUR OWN COMMENT AGAIN 3.6. The context that you used clearly pointed to the 360 fans doing this and blaming the PS3 fans for doing it. You never implied that you feel both parties are doing it.

So in that context, you are no more innocent than KingMe.

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Shadow Man3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

How in the phuck is that even possible?

pwnsause3625d ago

sounds like only older games would be able to take advantage of the HDD.

Deadman643624d ago

I saw a site a week ago that had people reporting how much faster load times were. Halo 3 was no difference, gears was someting along the lines of 5-8 faster or something. but it def. didnt say worse...

thekingofMA3624d ago

i know nothing about video game development, but Halo 3 makes load times longer because of some sort of massive amount of caching that was used in the development of the game

i read this somewhere, and i'm not going to look for any source, but if you can make any sense of that, there's your answer