Nvidia added The Long Dark to GeForce Now without permission, dev says

The Long Dark is the latest game to leave Nvidia's cloud gaming service GeForce Now and according to the developers, they had to ask for removal since Nvidia added the game to the GeForce Now library without their permission.

SegaGamer1189d ago

I'm happy to see the dev getting criticised for this on Twitter. It's like he doesn't understand how Geforce Now works or what it is. He seems to think we are playing games chosen by Nvidia themselves rather than our own games that we purchased from places like Steam. All people are doing is renting a machine to play their games on.

LordoftheCritics1187d ago

I think the issue might be logging in data.

Everytime i use it for Uplay and Steam, I have to log in. I wonder if its kind of like a privacy breach.

MrGameAndWatch1187d ago

I don't even understand why Nvidia is asking permission :/ The cloud gaming principle is well explained and players know they can have a good or a bad experience depending of external factors. Its basically paying for a remote desktop service, this has nothing to do with the owned library.
In fact, its even better for the devs/editors to be visible on GeForce Now, because players will buy games without worrying about the performance (or their weak PC). The games will always run just fine.

kryteris1187d ago

it is an internet cafe why the hell would permission be needed.

ocelot071187d ago

I just don't understand. Surely GFN helps developers? So far my experience with GFN has been great. I have been playing through Dark Souls 3 using solely GFN (free service) and a notebook that is not designed to play any sort of game. Yet I have been playing Dark Souls 3 most nights for a hour or so with no input lag at 60FPS and a resolution what looks like 900p.

I have a best of a gaming PC. But if all I had was this crappy notebook. Then I would 100% use GFN and gladly give developers money on Steam for there games.

Hungryalpaca1187d ago

It’s because they can’t sell the game again to let you play anywhere. There was another tweet along those aliens and the dev said “exactly”

roland821187d ago

I guess I need to ask the Long Dark developers for permission to play their game on a new pc. Seems like its the same logic

CaptainCook1187d ago

Do you pay monthly for your PC?

LordoftheCritics1187d ago

Why does that matter? You can pay installments for gaming pcs too.

What if it was free or a million dollars, why would it matter?

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