Xbox 360's Seriously Flawed DVD Playback

"We ( the Xbox 360, we really do. The games are great, the Xbox Live service just can't be beat, Live Arcade games and the Video Marketplace are pretty cool, and-we never thought we would say this-at $400 it's actually cheaper than its main competitor. As great as we think the 360 is, we're not above pointing out some of its flaws. We already discussed the horrible noise the system makes when reading game discs at full 12X DVD speed, and even tried to mod our 360 to make it quieter. That operation was partly successful, but I'm afraid there's nothing we can really do about the problem we'll discuss today."

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Funky Town_TX4907d ago

I have a dvd player. I got a PS 480 player for $30. I don't use my console for movies. The gaming gods prohibit me from doing so. I don't want to anger them.

Darth Gamer4907d ago

Someone finally prays to the same Gods I do.

MikeMichaels4907d ago

...everyone has a DVD player now days (well except me, i've always used my PS2 and now 3).

But, this just further illustrates where each companies strengths really lie.


JasonPC360PS3Wii4907d ago

Or are you saying that 360 hardware sucks? Now if you’re saying it sucks, what does that say about how good the software is on the sucky 360? And….If the 360 is such a failed piece of hardware, why does the software continue to be the best out of the computation (a year old piece of failed hardware)? Now this may seem defensive to you and well it is but in a place like N4G you need to stand on a side or be a pacifist and IMO pacifist are antigamers but your still welcome to your opinion.

Covenant4907d ago

I rarely used my original Xbox system for DVD playback; it was there when my oldest son wanted to watch something separate from us. It probably received about 15-20 hours of DVD play total. My 360 has been used once: I couldn't get Superman Returns to play on my DVD player, my computer, or the DVD recorder, so I tried the 360. Whaddya know? It played on the 360, and played well. That will likely be the last time I'll use it for that, as well. The point is: The majority of people who have systems capable of DVD playback usually don't utilize that function, as it adds wear and tear to the system and shortens its life. Besides, with DVD players priced less than most GAMES, why risk your system--especially a $400 one--to play movies? This is a non-issue to me, and to most gamers.

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FFVIIFan4907d ago

DVD playback has never been great on the box. If you want a cheap DVD player get a PS2.

MissAubrey4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

its a piece of crap. dark ass picture and it cant even play all dvds. Why would I spend $129.99 on a Ps2 when I could spend $25 on a real dvd player?? damn your a moron!

Geohound4907d ago

"if you want a cheap dvd player, get a PS2."

said a FF Fan.

Uh, you could just get, oh , I don't know, a cheap dvd player?

FFVIIFan4907d ago

Yea, you can buy a cheap DVD player which is the better bet. I'm talking about systems that have the DVD playback as an option. No need to jump down my throat.

MikeGdaGod4907d ago

I noticed these problems before but didn't think much of it at the time. Glad its not just me.

PS360PCROCKS4907d ago

Ok I have never had a problem with my console playing dvd's I think they look just fine, I actually they looked awesome, maybe it's just me? I don't know but yeah I would much rather NOT watch them on my console considering it will burn my laser out faster, I save it for games :)

PureGamer4907d ago

ye title says it to you, anyway who cares it still plays DVD's you dont need that true crisp image otherwse you would be complaining it isnt a games machine.

andy capps4907d ago

I don't have a 360 so I haven't seen DVD's on it yet. DVD's look fine on my PS3, I'd be interested in seeing this group run the same test on it. I've run DVD's on my standalone Toshiba DVD player that has progressive scan (not upscaling) so they should both look the same, and they do.

Are there any 360 owners on here that have seen jaggies on their DVD's? Let's get some user opinions on this. Maybe MS really does need to fix the playback. Of course it's a game console, but it really shouldn't be hard to update the firmware to make some of these issues brought up in the article go away. I know for my PS3, I've used it as a DVD player more since I've gotten it than my regular DVD player just because it's easier for me, I'm usually playing a game or something and want to watch something so just eject the game disc and pop in a movie.

THWIP4907d ago

Some people just have too much freakin' time on their hands. And LOL at the PS2 being a better DVD old XBOX had 10x better playback than the crappy PS2.

dantesparda4907d ago

Could you be any more biased?