The Escapist: Resistance 2 Review

Resistance 2 is a mediocre game. Reviewers are often loathe to flat-out criticize a game that's competently executed; for some, another outing with bug-eyed aliens and Doom-inspired gameplay will be enough. But players need to demand and expect more from their games, even if it comes at the expense of polish. Insomniac assumes gamers will buy into tired gameplay because the package is shiny. Let's show them The Escapist is not a school of fish.

Bottom line: You've played this game before - many times before.

Recommendation: Don't buy this game.

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HighDefinition3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

The Ecapist need to Escape permantly.

Some would say them same about Geow/Geow2. Games are games, not to many do ANYTHING revolutionary/innovative. The only one`s I can think of this year are........LBP and Mirrors Edge.

PoSTedUP3623d ago

lololo hahahahaha oh man that just made my day.... funny stuff man and a good way to lose credibility, i understand you love the 360 but im just thankful your ass doesn't count on metacritic lol. have you ever played a fps with this much action and enemys on screen with good AI? or have you ever played a fps on a console with 60 player online? with NO lag? F-ing clowns...

ultimolu3623d ago

Well PS3 fans.

The sh*t has literally hit the fan.
Reviewers have reached an all time low.

Do me a favor and play the games for yourselves and not listen to these biased, irrational reviews.

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BobDog3623d ago

my recommendation

buy this game

it prolly means just as much as their recommendation after their statement lol

PoSTedUP3623d ago

lololololololol aw man now THAT was funny XD. thank you : )

Halochampian3623d ago

The escapist hates on every game. He isnt biased. He points out flaws in games that many would never.

Now I may never always agree with him but he certainly isnt biased and doesnt deserve the hate.

I always watch his reviews because they are funny. Yes.. they are very funny and mostly true. I cracked up with the Mercenaries 2(Airstikes 2: hooray for airstrikes!) review.

Now he totally went off on Fable 2 but no one went around saying "he is biases." What makes him biased now?

Now you may not agree with him. But respect him and his opinion.

yanikins1113623d ago

dont confuse the escapist with Zero Punctuation, which is hosted by the escapist. Yahtze is biased towards the 360, but more so in a "i prefere console x over console y" kinda way than a "I HATE CONSOLE Y" way. and his funny as hell. everything else on the escapist website is full of fail.

Halochampian3623d ago

my bad. I wasnt able to watch the vid. And assumed it was Zero Punctuation.

So yea.. Disregard my first comment. Unless you never heard of Zero Punctuation, then you should defiantly watch it.

yanikins1113623d ago

lol. i just watched the review. i seriously hope the guy is trying to be funny. i really dont have the time to counter all his retarded and non-sensical points, but oh my.... fail much?

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ultimolu3623d ago


Another comment deleted.
I didn't even say anything inflammatory?

StephanieBBB3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Like the lightning and textures are bland at some places and they don't give an example of it. They just say it without any proof.

Same with the "Alien" type eggs that grows from the ground. I don't think they are as much ART as they are LORE. If you can't explain how the parasites can create aliens from humans then how is the world any more credible with large amounts of aliens in hordes?

He picks of things that doesn't make sence if they weren't there, and that just shows that this reviewer is more of a casual gamer than anything else.

Mozilla893622d ago

Reading the comments over there I seriously saw someone write "Its nice to see a generally negative review". haha Anyways if you want to talk linear and having scripted events, all COD games are like that and they're amazing and so is Resistance 2! And for the art style well I'm not really sure what they were expecting houses to look like, I mean the 50's weren't radically different than right now in terms of houses lol. Whatever though its his opinion, I doubt majority of the people are gonna read it.

Halochampian3622d ago

why dont you back the hell off. Only thing embarrassing is how you try over and over again to bash me because of my name. You got owned on your other try... so why continue.

I dont need to defend my name. It has been my tag for many years and wont be changing anytime soon.

All you are doing is harassing me and it's very childish.

MNicholas3622d ago

I'm curious what the escapist would consider an innovative shooter.

If the review is to be taken seriously then surely the derivative gameplay of Gears, Halo, COD, etc would be equally distasteful to the reviewer.

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badz1493623d ago

recommendation: people at escapist, don't buy this game! Resistance community doesn't need douches like all of you doofus over there!!

InMyOpinion3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Maybe if you had played Halo 3 before you would understand his points better. Resistance 2 does nothing original at all. I bet Insomniac are working on a Gears of war copy atm.

god_o_war3623d ago

yea im pretty sure M$ is working on a singstar, buzz and mii copy atm

ohh wait....

SaiyanFury3622d ago

I find that Ben Cronshaw rarely has a favourable opinion of a game. About 98% of what he says is nitpicking great games to death, and he rarely has anything good to say about them. I find him funny, don't get me wrong, but most of what he says is meant to make you laugh and not meant to be a legitimate review of the game. Resistance 2 not worth buying? Well I liked the single player campaign and I love the online. Insomniac has once again delivered a solid game, both in visuals and in gameplay. Most people who play the game will reach the same conclusion.

badz1493622d ago

what else you can do about it in this age of gaming? Why can't they review the game for what it is? if it's not original, so it's not great? can you tell me what is so original about other games like CoD, gears, halo etc? they are all like R2 - they are shooting games! they should score it based on how well it is executed the in whole game not based on originality!

the review said "Bottom line: You've played this game before - many times before" - R2 is a new game and nobody played R2 before R2 was released!

jenzo said "Maybe if you had played Halo 3 before you would understand his points better." - are you telling me if I played Halo 3, I'll understand what ever happened in Resistance 2?

both FAILED!!

StephanieBBB3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

It's kinda hard to make an game in this time of day when almost everything has been done before. Especially in the FPS genre.

I think resistance2 has set it self apart from other fps games pretty good with ALOT of enemies on screen at the same time. Having both Co-op multiplayer and being the first to have 60 player competetive multiplayer on consoles. The weapons in R2 is also very uniqe to other shooters. They all have character and are very different and that's more than I can say for other shooters like COD4.

Ju3622d ago

Jenzo, how much R2 did you actually play, if I might ask ?

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poopsack3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

what happened to zero punctuation? i thought i would be watching his review, and learned how much it made him vomit because games give him nausea and diarrhea of the mouth which is why the guy talks so much.

BTW was this guy trying to review the game while hiding from his wife or something? Or is he dead inside? Im kinda sleepy, so i literally fell asleep in between the akward pauses this guy left in the video. Ive seen youtube material done by a 14 year old thats better than this. I dont care what game your reviewing, if your gonna criticize someones work and call it bland, look at the fabulous job your doing before opening your mouth.

grantps33623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

in the words of al gore...ARE YOU CEREAL?!

okay i know its not perfect but its FREAKING AMAZING.

i could understand an 8 but an overall recomendation not to buy it is just stupid i have 48 hours of gameplay into it and im still craving i dont see how this review makes any sence.

whoever wrote this article......I HOPE YOU SIT DOWN AND WHEN YOU GET UP YOUR FOOTS ASLEEP!!!!

GrandTheftZamboni3623d ago

Best curse I've seen in a while!

Irishrocket693623d ago

AAA L4D comes to mind!

Have a nice day!

sinny3623d ago

I already bought it!
Im doooooooooomeeeed
ANd i really LOVE R2 , best shooter of the year , but if the escapist says otherwise i should return the game.
Man, this review is stupid ...

Ju3622d ago

You're a moron, how could you do that! You should have read this review before. How dare you are liking this game. </sarcasm>