Final Fantasy 7 Remake puts Square Enix firmly back gaming's cutting edge – Daily Star

And with a weapon the size of the Buster Sword, that's a pretty big cutting edge to work with

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CrimsonWing69211d ago

Man, I’d so love for them to get back to the glory days of Squaresoft.

masterfox211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Yesterday played the demo and holy damn !, not only got lots of nostalgia but also felt so damn happy to se my favorite character looking so effing stunning, really can't believe we would end up playing FF VII again while looking or even better than the movie Advent Children. DAY ONE INSTA BUY!!!

Did I mention the gameplay is so damn good?, so fluid and action packed while looking so damn impressive!, SquareEnix is doing justice to this classic legendary game from every angle.