Release dates for PS5 and Xbox Series X should be delayed to 2021

The Coronavirus has thrown the world into a spin in 2020, including the tech industry and it doesn't seem sensible for PS5 or Xbox Series X to bullishly stick to their planned 2020 release dates.

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Jin_Sakai201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I disagree. They can still launch in 2020 in limited quantities. Everything doesn’t have to be delayed due to a virus epidemic.

darthv72201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I guess it depends on how much more severe this is going to get.

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Pixelift199d ago

Similar to past outbreaks, the Spring and Summer often lead to them dying out. Even with continued cases there is earlier detection and treatment going on. As long as the sick stay away from the healthy things will begin to improve. I can see there being a month delay.

yomfweeee199d ago

Pixelift, please don't get your health advice from Trump. There's no evidence to suggest this new virus will or will not be affected by warm temperatures. Furthermore, even if it does help kill it... it very well could come back in the colder seasons just like the flu. We have no evidence either way.

DarXyde199d ago

... plenty of games coming to this generation's hardware.

A delay is fine—I would actually encourage that.

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dumahim199d ago

I wonder if they will even be able to get a limited number made. No, it doesn't HAVE to be delayed, but sometimes things are out of anyone's control.

Muzikguy199d ago

I don't care what happens I just want to hear concrete info on the PS5.

Realms199d ago

Do any of us want it to be delayed no, but given the severity of the situation it wouldn't surprise me if it did. China is the largest manufacture of electronics there will be some fallout from this and it might just mean that many tech companies are affected to the point that delays will be inevitable.

NeoGamer232199d ago

Exactly, I can understand cancelling events related to launch where people gather, but, if you are going to cancel selling these consoles then you should cancelling selling all goods. The only reason to cancel a console launch is lack of product. As long as they can produce the product they should launch.

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RazzerRedux201d ago

It is way too early to make a call like that.

cell989199d ago

Not really, production for new consoles usually start early in the year to meet demand for release date. It’s now March and a lot of China factories are in halt. There’s definitely a possibility this becomes true

seanpitt23201d ago

It’s only been 7 years what another year.. I think it shouldn’t get delayed, it all depends on how bad this virus will get if it keeps spreading then even next year will just be as bad if not worse.

dumahim199d ago

If it does get delayed, I don't think they'll want to delay it a full year. Hopefully it's kept to months if it happens.

medman199d ago

The powers that be will do everything possible to hit the holiday season.....neither Microsoft or Sony would want to miss that key time slot. Delaying into 2021 means fewer initial sales because most consumers are sick of spending post the won't matter for the hardcore, but for the general public, it will matter tremendously.

rainslacker199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

A delay assumes the problem will go away, or become contained in this case. There is really nothing to suggest that some arbitrary time will come to pass where it wont be an issue anymore.

All this stuff is hitting the worlds economy pretty hard, and while it's good to exercise caution, it's not reasonable to react to everything for the long term like that.

Unless there is some major reason that the systems can't be made, I dont see any reason to delay them. Limited quantities is understandable in this case, as supply lines before the manufacturing process may be an issue. But as of right now, I think the notion that they cant be made is based on fears of plants shutting down, or assuming that some of the plants shut down were tasked to make these consoles.

Dunno if anyone has ever seen where these electronics are made, but they're just a step down from full clean room environments.

@dumahim below

Yeah, like a march or April release. It's unlikely all the plants that would make the console are shut down. If its delayed, itll be to stockpile the initial distribution. Chances are, if one is delayed, then the other will be as well, because any cause of delay is likely to hit both of them equally.

rainslacker200d ago

Bullishly? I know daily star likes to stir things up, but Sony and ms arent forcing these manufacturers to make these things. Some plants are being shut down. It means there may be shortages, but that's really nothing new with a console release.

More broadly, it's not in bad taste to release a new product just because there is a potential epidemic on the horizon. If that were the case, nothing would get released, because someone in the world, there is always something going on. The world doesn't have to stop everything because of CV. It's not disrespecting anyone, nor does anyone expect these companies to feel like they are being insensitive to a situation. This isnt like the spider man trailer being pulled after 9/11, it's a virus, and people know that whatever these companies are doing had nothing to do with its origin, or its spreading.

Atom666200d ago

And then there's the little fact that production means people are working.

Nothing says "respect" more than laying off thousands of employees who rely on getting paid to produce, ship, and transport goods.

rainslacker200d ago

I know there are some factories in China which are ceasing production, but I don't know if anything is confirmed about them being the one's that make these systems. I think people took the reports about potential supply chain issues with various tech fabrication and rolled with it, but never bothered to see if there was any truth to them, or if they were relevant to the situation.

I think there is a good chance that there could be some supply chain issues, and that may trickle down into the production of actual released or regular production of existing products. But it'd take a rather significant shortage of all this stuff to actually delay these things.

Things may get worse before they get better, but you can't just shut down everything indefinitely because of these things when there is no clear indication it's necessary. Doing so would cause much bigger problems than a delay to a console launch, and if a factory that employees thousands is shutting down, the chances are that other factories are shutting down too. That would cause a huge economic disruption that the entire world will feel.

extermin8or199d ago

Sony and microsoft have apparently moved production to Taiwan.

DarXyde199d ago

It's already an epidemic. We're taking about a pandemic.

wwinterj199d ago

I don't know why this site reports stuff from the Daily Star. It's always been a joke newspaper and was only sort of good for the "page 3's" back in the day.

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Kumakai199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately for us, the internet exposes us to more of them than we need.

Unless shit extra hits the fan, we’re fine.