How Have Mario and Hulk Influenced Crackdown?

Four years ago, Realtime Worlds started working on the base design and toolset for Crackdown, the exclusive Xbox 360 game due to ship February 20 (and which just so happens to have the Halo 3 beta bundled with it). Having left the helm of DMA Design, now known as Rockstar North, David Jones, the studio's key figure, was out on his own. What would he do? Old school fans were glad to know he wasn't packing up his bags and leaving the industry. Instead he started his own company. Its first game, Crackdown, is as original as any of the great old ones, Grand Theft Auto, Body Harvest, and Space Station: Silicon Valley among them.

Surprisingly, there aren't any visible sheep in this new game, a strange trademark of the older titles, but who knows? Maybe somewhere deep into the heart of Crackdown, IGN will find them.

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