The Analog Circle Podcast: Will The Series X Impact Gaming PC Sales?

This week on The Analog Circle Podcast Kiaun will discuss the official specs of the Xbox Series X, is Sony working on a Playstation 5 Pro, a Resident Evil 3 Remake demo is on the way, we get more proof that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC and The Wonderful 101 gets a release date for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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phoenixwing467d ago

Silly question. Itll have the same effect xbox x had.

RazzerRedux467d ago

theanalogcirclepodcast.libsyn. com

That's a site that just rolls right off the tongue, right?

PC gamers rather not pay the prices that console gamers are forced to pay for games and ultimately, they are not going to pay for online. Sorry, the answer is just no.

Tross467d ago

RoFL. Are you for real? No. Those who swear by gaming PCs are not going to change their mind. Also, why are you speculating about a Pro model for a system that isn't even out and where only rumoured specs have been leaked? I'm really not feeling compelled to check out your podcast based on the synopsis.

keys1579466d ago

I can understand that. Thanks for the comment.

i3eyond the Circle467d ago

Whispers of a Windows boot mode to allow access to your epic and Steam library. If that’s true 1... it’ll be a game changer and 2.... It makes sense because one way or another you’ll purchase a service here or there to get access to the titles dropping from XGS because that’s their end game.

Boot into your controller v controller environment on the Xbox servers.

OR continue to game your traditional way on the unbalanced shit show of PC gaming but actually having specs better than 90% of your adversaries.

A hybrid console would be straight smart because I like gaming on Xbox for most things but can’t play Half Life or WoW.

But the Windows mode may just be tied to what’s available on the Windows store.

Jakens466d ago

If any truth or if confirmed soon, that Xbox would be getting a mode to access to your epic and Steam library. Myself and millions would support this. (Hoping MS doesn't limit library to doing Microsoft Store only.)

I'm dreaming of the possibilities for Steam options. Love the idea, if those compines love it also.

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