Opinion: Was Blue Dragon The Monster Microsoft Needed?

Nearly two months after the release of Mistwalker's Blue Dragon, Gamasutra wondered just how well the traditional Japanese console RPG introduced Microsoft's Xbox 360 to Eastern gamers, and how similar Microsoft efforts - from other Japanese-developed console exclusives to specific regional ad campaigns - were impacting the country.

To help enlighten us, they asked Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, and John Ricciardi, COO and creative director of localization company 8-4, Ltd. to tell us more about the real meaning of Gears of Wars' recent Japanese chart-topping success, forthcoming titles that might (or might not) help grow the userbase, and what else Microsoft might 'Do! Do! Do!' to help its console in Japan.

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PS360PCROCKS4904d ago

Definetly one of the "Big" games, GOW seems to be selling in Japan. I do believe games like Mass Effect and Halo 3 should help also. Their is also a few more coming out, if Microsoft can get about 3-5 big games out in Japan every year they will be just fine. They just need to see if they can find that developer support

Shin_Akakage4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

I think Msoft needs to do the following in order to really penetrate Japanese market.

-First and foremost they need support from more of the Major japanese studios. Square-Enix(sorry Silpheed and FFXI isn't good enough), Bandai-Namco(have they released or announced anything for X360) and Konami (Rumble Roses I think is all they have offered thus far). They need to continue with Mistwalker and The other studio founded by Street Fighter creator(can't remember the name). Sega is coming around with VF5 recently announced(Live PLay would pwn...especially since PS3 version isn't online) and other sega franchises. Also Msoft really needs to court the indie developers in Japan. I believe all the innovation in the next-gen will come from them. Cavia, Mistwalker, Treasure, Working Design, Yukes, Aki (if they are still around)..just to name a few..there are many more. Capcom's support has been pretty much cemented with the success of LP and DR, but that doesn't mean Msoft shouldn't do everything in their power to get more existing and new IP's from Capcom as well as Konami and Namco-Bandai. Also do whatever u have to keep Team Ninja and Itagaki happy...don't lose their support.

-Live arcade should be changed a little. Msoft should remove the size limit for games and agressively go after old console/arcade releases. I don't think they would be able to get any NES, SNES or N64 games. But hey should have Genesis, Turbo Graphix, Sega Master System, Dreamcast, Saturn, Atari and Neo Geo well as Arcade classics. TMNT 4-player arcade game, X-men 4-player arcade game(both from Konami I think) just to name a few. They really need to be more agressive on that front otherwise VC on Wii will become the leader in retro game downloads. Old school plus the new stuff from XNA developers..Msoft would own the downloadable game market.

And if Msoft wants to really wants to breach the Japanese market...start out with a Msoft funded..graphically enhanced and updated version of Final Fantasy 7 from could even be a live download of the original ff7.

If I worked for Msoft...that's where I would start.

bilal4904d ago

microsoft cannot succeed with just one studio in solid support from other japanese studios in making japanese style games

omansteveo4904d ago

Sweet good thing im american

Contra264904d ago

Blue dragon already caught Japan's attention...
so now that 360 has been exposed.
2007 Titles will surely bring customers in.

Japan games like FF# will most likely suffer due to lack of PS3 sales.
These Japan companies will then turn to the 360.

It's just a prediction. cuz by the time FF or MGS comes out.... 360 will be having a good number of sales in Japan.

as far as I know.... FF series is getting lame... hard to catch up..
Blue Dragon is new and fresh

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