10 Reasons why the Infamous Franchise is an Underrated Gem

Sucker Punch Production created Infamous, of the most underated gems in gaming. A game that allows you to use your ability for good or evil.

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PhoenixUp520d ago

The series was well known, critically acclaimed and sold well

How was it underrated?

ElementX520d ago

I agree, it did well enough to get sequels.

bouzebbal519d ago

Def not underrated.. First one was very fun, but the second one was much better in every way. I loved second Son but infamous 2 is my favorite

519d ago
PhoenixUp520d ago

You don’t even see Prototype fans going around saying their franchise was underrated

camel_toad519d ago (Edited 519d ago )


Same here. Really liked 1 and loved 2 but there was something about Second Son that fell short for me. Never was sure why. Still good enough on it's own though.

bouzebbal519d ago

I think it's the human AI, and tad repetitive side missions.. Great game though, so early in console life to get something so gorgeous looking

winter_hill520d ago

Infamous has a metacritic of 85, the sequel has 83 and Second Son has 80. How the hell is it underrated?

saladthieves520d ago

I think the author's use of "underrated" here is incorrect. The inFamous games have received good reviews and scores. Unless the author meant to say that the games need some sort of a come back (for next generation), then it makes no sense to call them underrated.

Rimeskeem520d ago

I don't think it's underrated, but when you are a studio along side Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and Santa Monica it's hard to stand out.

SethBrundlefly519d ago

Still remember that first epic tower climbing experience in the first one on PS3.

camel_toad519d ago

Oh my old ass forgot about that until you mentioned it. That was great. Reminded me a bit of Wizards and Warriors. A bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.