Bethesda Was “Surprised How Few People Wanted to Take Part in PvP” in Fallout 76

Pete Hines says the team wants to keep building upon the Wastelanders update.

NecrumOddBoy1566d ago

Fallout 4 is being developed in dreams. It's a better community.

FullDiveDerail1565d ago

all this stuff will get removed..people are playing nice right now but its not legal for Sony to profit on other IPs like this. Yes this stuff has happened before

luckytrouble1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Except Sony isn't profiting on those games. They already got their money for Dreams before the game has even been installed to the buyer's system.

If somebody remakes another IP in Dreams, that's just how the cookie crumbles. I find it odd that people seem to think any fan based recreation that can't actually be sold is somehow super protected. Now, if Sony actively promoted those other IP games as a reason to buy Dreams, they could get in trouble, but imitation has been going on for months and months since the original Early Access launch with zero consequences.

If you're considering fan projects that got C&D'd across the internet, that happened for reasons that ranged everywhere from using original game code to make the project, to simply being too ambitious to not end up resulting in ad revenue or otherwise. They were different beasts one and all.

Shadowsteal1565d ago

How is sony profiting off other's IPs?

cammers19951565d ago

The others may nay say you but it's definitely true what you say. I helped develop a silent Hill little big planet 2 world and it was removed due to copyright infringement.

plexdk1565d ago

They profit indirectly, from people who buy dreams, to play these creations

maelstromb1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

If anything, these companies that own the IPs will likely send a cease and desist to the players responsible for the development/re-working of their IPs within the Dreams landscape. Although, these circumstances open a possible new legal problem for said companies b/c I think generally copyright pertains to original works, but according to copyright.gov "...does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed." So, in the case of Bethesda and Fallout 4, they may have legal ground if they pursue Sony and Media Molecule for the latter part of that statement... though the optics of them bringing a case would not look good for them, nor do I believe they would have any chance of winning either. In the end, I firmly believe it would do more harm than good for Bethesda's already tarnished image/reputation regardless of whether they pursue legal action against Sony and/or Media Molecule or the players developing the content.

Profchaos1565d ago

Little big planet has a million Mario remakes scattered across its three titles in unaware of any legal action there

GamerRN1565d ago

Yeah, all going to disappear. You can't just use IPs penned by someone else...

sprinterboy1565d ago

I'm lost for words at your comment, I'm dumb founded.

jambola1564d ago

what about fighting games like soul caliber? amazing that they can make characters from anything and not get
in trouble
it's almost like you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

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Muzikguy1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I haven't given the game much thought but I think when PS5 drops I'll pick up Dreams as well.


It's funny they would think that people even wanted PvP in the first place. That's not what Fallout is about, but then again I haven't played the games either. I do have Fallout 4 still yet to play

1564d ago
lelo2play1565d ago

I thought Fallout 76 was dead already...

ChrisW1565d ago

It's been quite sometime since I've played it... So, I don't know

MasterCornholio1566d ago

How about the number of people that are playing the game?

Christopher1566d ago

FFA PvP in a world where you do nothing to stop gank mentality? And people weren't interested in it because only the top 10% ever really progressed? Color me surprised.

rainslacker1565d ago

I think if the game had been what FO players consider fun....and I do discern that group as their own thing....then maybe the people would have been willing to play PVP in FO76.

Should still have PVE though, because some people prefer that. It's a tricky thing to switch up a staple of a franchise, or even just go a specific way with a franchise that was known to do well in both areas. Imagine if Borderlands went full on MP. Like you had to play with a team. While that's a popular feature, a big one at that, I think one reason it's so successful is because it has strong SP campaigns which can be just as fun to play over and over again. FO76 went stronger in the other direction from it's core, while mostly disregarding it's core, and then making a buggy crappy game on top of that.

JackBNimble1565d ago

They could simply have pvp and pve servers like ark does.

Kaedro1565d ago

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cammers19951565d ago

They're idiots if they thought people actually wanted an only online fallout game. Nobody asked for it.

Magic_Spatula1564d ago

I actually wouldn't mind a properly done Fallout MMO. This 76 was just a rushed cash grab by Bethesda. If an actual Fallout MMO does happen, I hope Zenimax Studios makes it instead. They've done pretty damn good with ESO. Sure, it was meh at the start, but it's miles better now than what it used to be.

Name Last Name1565d ago

Pete Hines
"Well, I mean at the end of the day, our intention was always, we're going to put this out there, see what folks think, and then cater the stuff that we do later to their reaction.”

lol thanks for the Beta

rainslacker1565d ago

Would have made more sense to put this in as a feature of the core game, and see how it was received. If reception was luke warm, even though it was a good effort, then they'd have their answer. If it took off, then they could milk that like Activision milks COD. They'd still get their service model cash cow, the FO fans would be happy.

They're finding out like some other publishers that catering to one crowd, that can bring huge success, isn't always a prudent business decision.