DailyGame Fallout 3 Review

DailyGame writes:
Fallout 3 was one of the few games I'd craved since it was first announced. I've never played a Fallout game, so my desire for Fallout 3 was based more on its developer, Bethesda Game Studios, than any particular attraction to the universe or lore. Bethesda is responsible for the oh-so-deep Elder Scrolls role-playing games, most notably Oblivion (my favorite game of all time). Was Fallout 3 destined to be Oblivion with laser guns? At the time it announced, that was my impression, and I salivated at the thought. After getting my hands on Fallout 3 at E3 2008, I realized those expectations needed to be tempered, and having now played Fallout 3 since launch, I must begrudgingly admit that Fallout 3 is, after all, a game in the Fallout franchise and not Oblivion 2.0.

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