Unreal Tournament 3 out in 2008 for PS3

Despite appearing for some considerable time as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 3, it now looks as though the Xbox 360 will get the game first.

According to new information released today from Midway, Unreal Tournament 3 (formerly Unreal Tournament 2007) will be released in the second half of 2007 for PC and Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait until 2008.

A midway rep has confirmed to Pro-G that this is not a mistake and is the latest information they have on the game's release.

Should Unreal Tournament 3 end up as a timed console exclusive on the Xbox 360, it would be great boost in its efforts to maintain and extend its lead in the next-gen console market.


Update: It appears that wires have been crossed between Midway and Epic Games. Contrary to the game's latest fact sheet, Epic Games state that "there is no formal SKU plan yet for this product."

At this time all versions of the game are intended for release in the second half of 2007, and Epic Games has not decided on the exact release dates.

We had previously reported that Unreal Tournament 3 (formerly Unreal Tournament 2007) would be released in the second half of 2007 for PC and Xbox 360, with the PlayStation 3 game arriving in 2008. This was confirmed by Midway, but has since been proved incorrect.

Unreal Tournament 3 will be shown for the PS3 at the Game Developers Conference in March as part of Epic's Unreal Engine 3 demonstration.

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DC RID3R4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

this is a serious slap in the face to the sony faithful.

i remember the same thing with assasin's creed. have a amazing game announced for your flagship machine, then have it's 'thunder' stolen from your main rival, who will also get the title plus, 'extras'.

why sony? why?

how do you sony fans feel about this latest betrayal?


TheMART4911d ago

There we go

How much more delays can the Sony fanboys take I question myself...
GRAW 2 in fall, 6 months after PC/360. UT at least a half year...

I would feel I had been stolen 600 dollars for nothing if I would have bought the PS3 for sure. I would think the same of it, if the 360 had all those delays

Marriot VP4911d ago


you still think it takes the same amount of time/resources?

PureGamer4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

you people are sad they are games dudes as soon as you see this you rush to bash one out over your games machine and say yes my console is winning -.-, and anyway the game doesnt look brilliant average in my book. Oh and DC im crying over this news my god ken has betrayed me -.-grow up dude. You all act as if your walking around with a MS Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 football top and actually surport the consoles, yes what cracker this news is brilliant get in.

PS360PCROCKS4911d ago

Man stop trying to play this off, for the longest time it was always "Screw GOW we have UT" and all the talk about how UT was going to be such an amazing game, and we weren't getting it. Now not only is the game on the 360, it's now going to be out first for the 360. Don't try to play off the importance of this title, this is a BIG game, don't play the "oh well I NEVER liked this game anyways, um Killzone looks better" Just look at it for what it is, a big slap in the face of Sony's PS3 faithful.

MoonDust4911d ago

OMG, ownage? i think so.

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The story is too old to be commented.