EMEAA January Report: Nintendo Switch accounts for 52% of all console sales

More than 15 million AAA games sold across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia territories

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MasterCornholio1068d ago

"50% of all tracked games sold last month were on PS4, followed by PC (18.8%), then Switch (16.3%) and finally Xbox One (11.9%). Again, Switch's position may well have been higher if Nintendo supplied its digital data. In terms of boxed games alone, PS4 still comes out top with a 47.3% share, Switch is second with a 32.9% share, with Xbox following at 25.1%. It's worth noting that Game Pass data (the subscription service that is popular on Xbox) isn't included in these figures."

Wow that's very interesting.

indysurfn1068d ago

That's game sales.....The main theme of the article title is CONSOLE sales. 52% of CONSOLES sales are Nintendo.

MasterCornholio1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

They still mentioned game sales within the article. There's nothing wrong with pointing other information in the article out.

Feel free to report me if you feel that I'm off topic.

"The data features physical retail numbers from 17 countries, and digital download data from 16 major publishers in nearly 50 markets. The full details of which are at the bottom of the article."

King_Noctis1068d ago

GTA 5 is still number 1 after all these year. No wonder why Rockstar takes their sweet time with GTA 6.

Segata1068d ago

And now their head writer is gone

Gemmol1068d ago

Switch best selling console in every region Europe, japan, and America