Nintendo 64 vs. PlayStation 1: Which Console is More Powerful (In Terms of Tech Specs)

The N64 and the PS1 were major rivals in the world of gaming. So which one actually had the better technical specs?

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oakshin369d ago

N64 but over the years it was obvious ps1 demo disk had more legs then the whole N64 library

AspiringProGenji369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Can confirm. I had a 64 with some great games and I borrowed a PS1 with a demo disk and somehow it was more fun playing those games then Imagining the rest of the game in my sleep lol

naruga369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

N64 was nt more powerful ...a lot of silicon capabilities were not available by N64 (in contrary to PS1 that was a powerhouse even PCs couldnt port its games properly) , it just created the illusion of better graphics by almost not having pixels ...N64 games nowdays seem like crap in front of the very well aged PS1 games ....and lets not talk about library... day to night differences in term of quality and quantity of course ....the only advantage N64 had over PS1 was the hype of the nintnedo fans that were untrustful toward newborn PS that time , and so showed some support to the nintedo console for the PS1 demos literally were more fun and had more content than the whole N64 library

oakshin369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Back in the 90s if you worked at blockbuster you would get 5 free rentals a week and free consoles from people bring them back saying they was broke for refund knowing damn well they just wonted there money back so I got alot of free games and consoles in that time period

_SilverHawk_369d ago

The ps1 vs the n64 reminds me of the ps2 vs the gamecube because the Nintendo systems were released later than the playstation systems with seemingly better specs but the playstation systems displayed a lot of games surpassing what was seen on the Nintendo systems.

indysurfn369d ago

I've owned every major console. Not a fanboy of Sony but I would still have to say Sony PS1 even though it was no where near as powerful as N64 would be the console I would buy if I could only have one. Anyone remember a little game that the VERY ANNOUNCEMENT of coming to PS1, PS1 #1 in sales? It was called Final Fantasy VII. Enough said.

Imalwaysright369d ago


What a load of crap. Gamecube wasn't just more powerful than the PS2. It was almost as powerful as the original Xbox and was far more powerful than the PS2

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indysurfn369d ago

I like the love of the Demo disk but it was not better than the N64 library. That is being ridiculous. I remember buying something just so I could get a Final fantasy demo disc. And a couple other final fantasy games. Unless you are a fanboy that missed out on N64 games, you know your going over the top.

rainslacker369d ago

Depends on when you played the demo disc. The N64 had some dry years, and some of those PS1 demo discs you could play for hours. Especially the PSM demo discs.

Segata369d ago

More even than marketing would have you know. Raw specs show N64 is but, in reality, one did some things better than the other and vice versa. Saturn is a misunderstood system as being less powerful. It actually could do quite a lot but it was just a pain in the ass so most didn't do the extra work. I don't think any of them had one standing clearly over the others in power. N64's biggest downfall is no CD-Rom.

Vee77039369d ago

At the time I believe not having a CD rom is why i liked the n64 at the time being able to jump in a game quicker for a cartridge was the selling point for me plus its nintendo so. If your cd rims got scratched up it took forever for a game to load some time 10 to 15 minutes

AspiringProGenji369d ago

There were cons with CD room but allowing bigger games and worlds sure made up for all of that

indysurfn369d ago

Vee77039 You right isnt it great that we are turning full circle? Nintendo SWITCH I can already start a game back up in 3 seconds. And soon with PS5 and XseriesX we will be doing the same thing. No loading screens and starting my SWITCH when I start Playing Dragon Quest XI at lunch is a game changer! And then instant turn it off without losing a second! Soon this will be on ALL the major players! (I said MAJOR Stadia, be quiet)!

indysurfn369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Speaking of kicking Stadia......:
PS5 is not out YET.....But it already has it's place at the top of the N4G page. (because its here to stay)---
Xbox SeriesX is not out YET...But it already has it's place at the N4g Page. (because its here to stay)---
Stadia is OUT!!!!......But it does NOT have a place at the top of N4G. ( may not be here to stay) ---

rainslacker369d ago

Saturn wasn't particularly hard to code for, it just had a lot of things it could do because of all the processors, so you had to know what they were to utilize them. If you knew this, then the Saturn was kind of a godly system for it's time. PS1 surpassed it with game content, but Saturn had better 2D/3D combinations than PS1 did. PS1 did some other things really well, like overlays of different types of media, and it had better streaming of assets features than Saturn, which kind of required everything to be in memory to use.

Segata368d ago

Saturn was difficult because of 2 things. The coprocessors and it didn't use polygons. It used quads instead of triangles. In theory that is better but in practice it's less practical and takes a lot more work. Saturn also while capable, was very difficult to get transparencies working. Most gave up even SEGA at times and used a mesh instead. Some games like Mega Man 8 use them. Now as for 2D. That is the one area Saturn truly shined over both. Any 2D fighting game on Saturn VS PS1. PS1 always had fewer frames and worse coloring. Saturn was also Nvidia's introduction to a GPU market on PCs as well. It didn't do well because of it using Quads.

rainslacker368d ago

You're talking about specific things that if you wanted to do them, the system had to jump through hoops to make happen. That's like saying the PS4 is difficult to code for because it can't do ray-tracing. That's not really what it means when you talk about difficulty to code for. If used in the way it was intended, it was pretty straight forward. Yes, it had a lot of processors, but they all did what they were supposed to do, and when thought out, could deliver results. 3D, yeah it wasn't the best, but when trying to integrate 2D with 3D, which wasn't uncommon for it's life span, it did better than the PS1. PS1, as I said, did other things well, and was also easy to code for.

howiewowwee369d ago

it's a mario vs. snake thing.

anonymousfan369d ago

Yup I think their success was far more due to their gaming libraries than respective power.

indysurfn369d ago

Actually it was a ANNOUNCEMENT that FFVII was swithcing over to Sony. Snake was not the big name yet, Not until it got good ratings and every thing became about Konami. It was Square that spiked the sales. But after Snake came out is when it was a system seller. The biggest Gun at the time was SQuare then the EA, Konami, Capcoms. grand theft auto's.

jeenyus369d ago

If you're new to these it's fine. But if you know the consoles, everyone knows N64 was far more powerful and only its cartridge was beneath PSX's specs.

rataranian369d ago

The PS demo disk should be put in a museum of awesomeness.

chrisx369d ago

Soul blade trailer, Porsche challenge...who could forget code name: Tenka? I played that disc countless times

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