Alien Hominid Invasion Coming to PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

Developer The Behemoth announced that its upcoming Alien Hominid Invasion will launch on Steam for PC, Nintendo Switch, and "Xbox" alongside releasing a gameplay video.

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monkey602278d ago

I had the first one on the PS2 and adored it. Castle crashers was great too

ZeekQuattro278d ago

I remember playing the game on newgrounds back in the day before it caught on and went to consoles. Fun game.

XxExacutionerxX278d ago

NOT ON PS4!! You guys are passing up 110 million chances of someone buying your game.

LabRat278d ago

So all 110 million ps4 owners also dont own a pc or switch or xbox? Interesting.

AK91278d ago

Will it retain the difficulty of the original I wonder?