10 Reasons Why Donkey Kong Country is Nintendo's Most Underrated Franchise

Donkey Kong's run with Nintendo needs more love. Find out why the famous ape is actually underrated

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locomorales518d ago

Donkey Kong Country is not underrated. It is one of the most celebrated series of SNES and GBA, with a good passage through the N64, and very well evaluated in aggregators in the versions of Wii (87), 3DS (83), Wii U (83) and Switch (86). Perhaps only the evaluation of the Switch version is a little overrated, since it is merely a port of the previous version.
Trying to value a series you like does not have to go through creating parallel versions of reality. It would be more interesting if the author proposed a title, more or less along these lines: "what makes Donkey Kong Country such a well-received and recognized series?"

SCW1982516d ago

Tropical Freeze is easily the best traditional 2D platformer ever made.

PhoenixUp516d ago

Donkey Kong is Nintendo’s longest running series. It deserves more respect

locomorales514d ago

And who is being disrespectful to the series?

PhoenixUp514d ago

The company that hasn’t made a new entry since 2014 and doesn’t include those characters in more spinoffs