Silent Hill 3 Is Still a Teenage Girl's Worst Nightmare

Silent Hill 3 protagonist Heather Mason essentially undergoes a forced teenage pregnancy, and childbirth is going to be a literal waking nightmare.

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littletad34d ago

I was watching the series on youtube, starting with 2. Two made my head spin and it was freakishly good for it's time. Three was completely... weird. The story seemed like it took off great until you get to the acting. The lines were spoken in some weird incoherent Swahili tone half the time and nothing made direct sense. Nor did you get a satisfying understanding of the plot. The setting was great though and the PC versions graphics hold up well. But it says a lot, cause the only thing I remember as a kid playing three, was getting the unlimited weapons.

Smokehouse33d ago

Great game, great memories.

SlagWolf33d ago

It was also the last good silent hill game

Knightofelemia32d ago

Great game SH went downhill after that SH4 was all right, SH Homecoming was good, SH Shattered Memories I hated, haven't played Origins yet and Downpour is a play it once and forget about it.