Console Monster: Resident Evil 5 Q&A

Console Monster writes: "Earlier this month we were recently invited to an Xbox Community Network (XCN) event - The Gathering 2008: Live Your Moment, in which we were able to play some fantastic upcoming games coming to your 360 in the weeks and months to come. One title at the event was Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360. Today we are lucky to bring you an XCN Q&A with Ben LeRougetel, Head of PR at Capcom, who gives us an insight into yet another zombie'fest, making its staggering way to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 early next year. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 5 will make your hair stand on end. We're still trying to comb ours flat. But in between fighting off hordes of blank-eyed zombies and an alarmingly large axe-wielding monstrosity at The Gathering we managed to grab a few minutes with Capcom UK's PR boss, Ben Le Rougetel, who had plenty to say about his company's terrifying product:.."

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villevalorox3622d ago

all i know is this game is going to kick ass. I played re4 through over 10 time. This is a day 1 buy for me for sure. and now co-op!!!. woo hoo baby!