Happy Birthday PS3

On November 17th 2006, the PS3 was born. 2 years ago, the world was changed with the introduction of this much more powerful gaming console that has stepped up what we know as gaming today. 2 years later, we are now enjoying a mountain of games with high quality sound, graphics and much more. Also, the PS3's other functions such as web browsing, movie viewing and much more, has made this console into a premiere media center. Happy 2nd birthday PS3.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

im a proud owner of the orig. 60gig!
2008 has become the year of sony
I wonder what awaits in 2009.........

MAR-TYR-DOM3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

1)Killzone 2

Overr8ed3649d ago

yup yup, 60 gig owner. Happy B-Day PS3.

aftrdark213649d ago

originally a 20 Gb but I upgraded. Happy B'day PS3. My PS3 will be 2 on Christmas Day. (Best Present I've received in recent years).

Game on!

iHEARTboobs3649d ago

I'm gonna go home and give my black, beautiful tank, a hug!

I'm looking forward to another great year of gaming in 09. Bring on the goodness!

CEO OF N4G3649d ago

GOD OF WAR 3 is coming 2009

Premonition3649d ago

YEP! Happy birthday my 60gig launch is still kicking and going strong!!!

Sarcasm3649d ago

Happy B-Day my 20gb PS3.

And now you guys know why I think Built-In Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity for consoles.

awsome293649d ago

lets have a round of applause for the PS3!!!!!!!

Aclay3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Still have my launch 60GB PS3 and lovin' it.

I wasn't able to get my PS3 at a store at launch and had to pay a little "extra" for mine on Ebay... either way it was worth every penny and more.

And in response to MAR-TYR-DOM, Looking forward to God of War 3, Killzone 2 and Wardevil the most out of all of the announced PS3 games in 2009. Uncharted 2 hasn't been officially announced for a 2009 release, but if it does get announced for 09, it will take the place of Wardevil as my top 3 anticipated 09 games.

I almost can't believe that it's been 2 years since the PS3 first came out because it feels so much longer to me... and I almost forgot, the PS3 hasn't even turned 2 years old in Europe yet.

2 Years down, 8 more to go.

jwatt3649d ago

Yea happy B-day ps3 I got the 60 gig.

lukewind3649d ago

"the introduction of this much more powerful gaming console that has stepped up what we know as gaming today" - Yep I guess that's why they are selling like hotcakes huh.

I am sorry but I have to laugh when someone makes such a ridiculous comment like that.

The Matrix3649d ago

Happy Birthday.
40 GB owner here (I was not as fortunate as some of you who could spend $600 when it first came out. My PS2 had to last me a few more years).

Without a doubt I'm most looking forward to God of War III in which I'll camp out at GameStop (or wherever I reserve it) for 2 weeks dressed up like Kratos. Warning: Anyone who even attempts to cut in front of me in line WILL be ripped in half.

badz1493649d ago

and how many of you want to predict how much longer will it take before piracy invades the PS3? it's simply amazing that in this age of time, it's still piracy-proof after 2 years!

btw, I have my 60GB upgraded to 160GB and I've never been happier as a gamer as of I'm right now! PS3 FTW!! Happy Birthday!

BattleAxe3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


I'm going to name a few more games to look forward to in 2009:

- Infamous
- Crysis (rumored for Q1, Q2 of 2009)
- M.A.G.
- Quantum Theory

I own two 60 gig models. One of them I bought 3 months after launch which I still use the most and the other I bought 10 months after launch.

Happy Birthday PS3 !!!

StephanieBBB3649d ago

Im looking forward to all the "OH SH*T THATS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!" Moments im gonna live through while playing the PS3 exclusives that comes out next year =)

09 is the golden year of gaming.

meepmoopmeep3649d ago

60GB is the best SKU.
Glad i have it.

sirbigam3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Was looking for my weights when I noticed my PS3 box under my bed & started reminiscing, good times & more to come.

ELite_Ghost3649d ago

waited 2 days outside in the rain to get it 1st day!


BLuKhaos3649d ago

Woo happy birthday! coming up on 12/30 is my two year anniversary with my PS3.Wow two years,where does the time go.

TheExecutive3649d ago

GOW3 ('10)
Uncharted (pry '10)
Heavy Rain
Team ICO

+a ton of multiplatform games...

Cant wait you beautiful black b*tch

ThanatosDMC3649d ago

Happy Birthday! Bubbles to all!

RareNimbus3649d ago

I gotta love my ps3. 60gb. first games i play was ridge racer n resistance 1.

still remember the very day PS3 release.

To all my ps3 owners!!!

SaiyanFury3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Nee, tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu PS3! For those who don't speak Japanese, Happy Birthday PS3. This last year alone has shown me something that I've never seen on the 360 or in games, period as a home theatre enthusiast; games that feature a full on DTS soundtrack opposed to Dolby Digital. It started with Uncharted. The damned explosions rumble the walls in my house. Now, Resistance 2 and Valkyria Chronicles both feature a DTS soundtrack, something I've never seen in my 360 games. I guess Blu-ray does have a bit of an advantage over DVD9. I like my 360 and the games I play on it, but the PS3 truly is the defining HD console. The main reason is that some of the games take full advantage of your A/V receiver's ability to throughput a great high bitrate codec like DTS. Are even higher end codecs like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio a possibilty? I'm really wondering how good the audio in great PS3 games will become. Good work Sony and your faithful developers. It's going to be a hell of a run! With outstanding features like in game DTS soundtracks and freaking great experiences that aren't available anywhere else, you've got a bloody HD powerhouse on your hands. Sony's consoles have matured along with the adult gaming audience since the 90s. Things are consistently on the up and up. If you're a 1080p HDTV owning home theatre addict like me, there really is no reason not to own a PS3. And I didn't even speak about it's ability to play high rez BD movies out of the box. Or it's extremely simple ability to stream media wirelessly. It's simply a complete experience if you're a home theatre fan.

SL1M DADDY3648d ago

I remember when I brought my 60gb model home with me. That was a great day and I still love the experience. Thanks Sony for continually making it better with each month that passes.

To all, remember all the nay-saying that went on? The "down with Sony" talk and the " PS3 will be dead by the end of 2007" crap? Remember Gabe Newell saying that they should take the PS3 back to the drawing board? Yeah, fools, all of them!

Congrats Sony on 17 million sold in two short years and 14 million PSN accounts.

MNicholas3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

When the 360 was released, it had a full year with no competitors. Despite facing two competitors from release the PS3 has sold more in it's first two years than the 360 did, 3 Million more.

For most of this year, when the PS3 was $400 and the 360 was $300, the PS3 outsold the 360 by 35%.

After the 360 dropped to $200 (half the price of the PS3!) the 360 is only outselling the PS3 by about 20%.

So given the above facts, ask yourself this question: If the 360 was the same price as the PS3, which would win in sales?

That answer will tell you which console is preferred by consumers.

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HighDefinition3649d ago


The 360 can`t have a BDAY cause all the originals are deceased. They should have some sort of 'Rememberance day' for it.

(joking, kinda)

demoneyeslaharl3649d ago


Anyways... 2 years. Not a bad run for 2008. 2009 will just build up on it. ^-^

Elimin83649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

It made me laugh though.... lol "60 GiG" Upgraded to 320

Sarcasm3649d ago


Well my 360 is from launch day and is still running strong. Ok, not running strong cause the disc drive keeps making a grinding halt and doesn't want to open.

But still running.

It's like a pet hamster that's getting old or something. I know it's going to give up one day but god knows when before I do.

However, R.I.P. to all my friends 360s though lol

littletad3649d ago

I hardly play thee cause u know, games were pretty hard to come by. Don't worry though, 2008 is surely your year... oh wait.

(joking, kinda)

HighDefinition3649d ago

Wierd I have a whole STACK of games.

BTW, Every Year is MY year!

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Maxned3649d ago

Its had a pretty good run..
Not really close to the previous 2 Sony consoles, but it should improve.

Is the wii's birthdate the 19th?

Overr8ed3649d ago

With games like LBP, Resistance 2 and Socom more people are looking to buy the PS3. But I need to say that Sony has to step their marketing/ Ads game up.
Titles like Killzone 2 and Infamous it should be system sellers if promoted well.

yea the wii's is the 19th

Speed-Racer3649d ago

jup, the 19th of nov was the date it went on sale, also making it two years old in 2 days time.

ravinshield3648d ago

hah it wasnt so happy.first a 200 dollar drop within 6 months,07 was the worst year for the ps3rd with its games being cancelled,multiplatforms being way better on 360 and people wanted them mainly as a blue rap player.etc

cmrbe3648d ago

even then the PS3 still outsold the x360 since launch.

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Radiodread3649d ago


Overr8ed3649d ago

PS3 had a lot of games this year, i think I brought about 4 games i brought and happy with, 1 game that somewhat disappointed me GTA4, and 5 games that I still want to buy (DL games mostly). Good job Sony.