Console Monster: Halo Wars Q&A

Console Monster writes: "Earlier this month we were recently invited to an Xbox Community Network (XCN) event - The Gathering 2008: Live Your Moment, in which we were able to play some fantastic upcoming games coming to your 360 in the weeks and months to come. One title at the event was Halo Wars on the Xbox 360. Today we are lucky to bring you an XCN Q&A with Dan Cornelius, Xbox EMEA First Party Games Marketing Manager, who gives us an insight into the upcoming real-time strategy game set in the Halo universe. Enjoy!

Halo Wars takes everything you love about the Halo universe – the heroic series stalwarts, the Covenant and Flood bad guys, the whole brilliant mythology – and turns it into a thoroughly compelling real-time strategy game. An enticing prospect if ever there was one. We couldn't wait to catch up with Dan Cornelius of Microsoft Game Studios to find out more..."

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