Console Monster: Left 4 Dead Q&A

Console Monster writes: "Earlier this month we were recently invited to an Xbox Community Network (XCN) event - The Gathering 2008: Live Your Moment, in which we were able to play some fantastic upcoming games coming to your 360 in the weeks and months to come. One title at the event was Left 4 Dead on the Xbox 360. Today we are lucky to bring you an XCN Q&A with Chet Faliszek, Writer, Valve, who gives us an insight into the upcoming, and rather intense, zombie shooter. Enjoy!

Left 4 Dead left everyone screaming 4 more at The Gathering. In typical Valve tradition it's everything you could hope for, with plenty more surprises in store too. Chet Faliszek is a writer for Valve who just happens to love zombies that run at you! So you know this game is going to give you nightmares. Cheers Chet. Thanks a lot man. Anyway, here's Chet telling us why Left 4 Dead rocks..."

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