Why Mafia 2 Is Still Worth Playing in 2020

Despite being released in 2010, Mafia 2 is still an excellent game and worth playing even today, perhaps even more so than Mafia 3.

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ReelBigMike34d ago

Mafia II was a really good, narrative-focused game. It got a lot of flak for it's empty open world. But honestly, I felt like the only reason the open world existed was to give the main story a better sense of place and a more grounded feel. I thought the ending was terrible, but I had a lot of fun with it. I thought Mafia III was great also, but I absolutely understand the flak that game got for its repetitiveness.

TheProfessional34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Mafia 2 is one of the greatest singe player games ever made, mafia 3 is a repetitive letdown that threw away everything interesting from Mafia 2 just to make a generic revenge story. The world, graphics and music were well done but the gameplay was boring and repetitive and the story was average at best. Why not have Vito going to war against the mafia over Joe if they were going to do a revenge story anyway?

Instead they introduced random new characters who were killed within 5 minutes of the intro so you don't care about them at all. That is Lincoln's motivation for going against the mob? Some guy who owned a bar? Such a waste. Also the interviews they used constantly were an atrocious way to tell the story. "I remember Lincoln.." ugh. Must've been different writers

mandf34d ago

Mafia 2 nailed its era. Really good story

franwex34d ago

I regret not buying this during the xbox sale. It was like $8. Dammit.

mch2011uk34d ago

Is Mac and Me still worth watching knowing you can watch ET?