First Baldur's Gate 3 in-game screenshots have been leaked online and look beautiful

It appears that the first in-game screenshots for Baldur's Gate 3 have been leaked online.

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zacfoldor29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Of course this game looks amazing. It is from Larian Studios. DOS2 is one of the best RPGs ever released(IMO). The story and character development are astounding in that game. If BG3 is even close to that quality of DOS2, then we will have another classic RPG on our hands. I, personally, can't wait. The turn based, positional/chess style gameplay in DOS2 will always hold a place in my heart.

My only problem with DOS2 is the load times on PS4. I VERY frequently reload the game(after each conversation) in order to get the best possible outcome. That is just my preferred playstyle, but I ended up spending a lot of time loading. Next gen, hopefully, that won't be a problem at all, so this game could very well be BETTER than DOS2, just because of next gen consoles(but PC already has fast loading for DOS2, I suspect).

shaggy230329d ago

Loved loved loved Divinity Originsl Sin 1 & 2 and I normally stay well away from early access games, but this one will have me really tempted.

CorndogBurglar29d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Only because Larian is tried and true in making these types of games. I have no doubt this one will be amazing.

Having said that, the only thing holding me back is that I want to experience the complete game as it's meant to be. Early Access only let's you play little by little as it becomes finished.

Being a big D&D guy (video games and books, not the tabletop game) I think I want to play this at it's best.

jznrpg29d ago

I have a SSD it helps load times a lot and they aren’t very expensive these days .

Segata29d ago

I still wish for a sequel to the original Divinity games tho. Not big on the Original Sin games.

nudawa29d ago

I've always stayed away from group control arpgs

CorndogBurglar29d ago

Interesting. I LOVE "group control" RPG games. Or, Party-Based RPG's.

What I don't like are games where you have a party, but very little control over any of them.

sagapo29d ago

Agreed. It's like when Bioware left the control of your party out in ME Andromeda, totally ruined the game for me (that and other things). I remember in Dragon Age where you could like "program" your party, that was kinda fun tho it took a while to do it right and you could keep total control if you wanted to.

william_cade29d ago

Live service or not is the only question.

shaggy230329d ago

The Divinity games arent Live Service, so I doubt this will be.

william_cade29d ago

I play Original Sin 2. I would still like to know before I get hyped for this.

antikbaka29d ago

Divinity Gates looks nice