Games a no show at Vista launch

Bill Gates himself may have been on hand to launch Windows Vista at the British Library yesterday, but despite a range of gaming features being touted for the new operating system little was on show at the high profile event.

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calderra4903d ago

And if there were tons of games, would people be whining they were rushed? And would people be whining they were "forced" to switch to Vista to play these games? Oh wait, people already ARE whining about both of these!

Anyway, all games alre also backwards-compatible (er, mostly) so anyone familiar with PS3's launch should be happy here.

Sick burn.

Marriot VP4903d ago


So don't fret about not having vista on day one because a lot of users, like myself, have had to buy something new because of compatibilty issues.

For example my motherboard maker, asus, wasn't going to support my k8vse for vista. However I've been jonesing for an excuse to upgrade so this is both bad and good.

SPAWN4903d ago

I got my copies of Vista business and Office 2007 pro from Microsoft yesterday in the mail for free from the power together program! $800 of software for free!

Marriot VP4903d ago

yah PSU lets you download business for FREE. But I wanted to media center so I got oem copy cheap of premium

SPAWN4903d ago

OEM is only good for one install to that one motherboard! I can upgrade to ultimate for only $139 because of my Power Together membership!

Marriot VP4902d ago

well my situation was kind of sticky because i have an illegal xp pro copy and upgrading wasn't an option. So I have to clean install with oem to my mobo. No problem, I don't plan on ditching my computer for a long time.

Also I have no idea what that program is.