Five Games So Good They Don't Need A Sequel

Some games benefit from a sequel, while others just don't need one. Here's CoG's list of five games that are good enough without sequels.

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MasterCornholio518d ago

With the way Spiderman ended I really want a sequel to continue the story.

Atom666518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Spiderman being on this list made me laugh. Not only was there an obvious cliffhanger, and not only did it sell ridiculous numbers, but it's Spiderman!

We've gotten Spiderman games for every console since Atari. From Ps2 through PS3, we got a game practically every year. Some were sequels, some weren't. But more is coming regardless, and I think they'd be crazy not to make it a sequel to 2018's. Probably even two sequels should come next gen.

And I would love a Shovel Knight sequel, but I think YC should be allowed to release something completely different first.

rainslacker517d ago

Best part of spiderman is that it's perfectly normal to have completely new stories unrelated to the previous story within comic universes. Heck, batman and spiderman are well known to have several popular timelines.

Atom666517d ago

Sure. But then you consider we just got a Batman game trilogy, a batman movie trilogy, a 3rd Holland Spidey flick coming...and a 2018 Spiderman game that ends on a cliffhanger.

I see no reason to believe they'd give much consideration to a shift here.

Profchaos517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

I'm not sure if I want a sequel because I loved the first one but if it's the same city same characters etc I don't know if it will be as fun to play as the first would be. Sure a new storyline etc will feature but there's no more reason to explore new York after spending tons of hours seeing everything in 1. I would prefer another IP get the Spiderman treatment

517d ago
extermin8or517d ago

There is a sequel coming but it's an interesting point about the city. I'm not sure what will happen there I guess they could well feature New York and somewhere else tbf. MJ does reference going to report abroad in inforget the name but it's on the civil war in fictional country ruled by doctor doom in the comics. A story with first chapter set in a city there then you return to NYC could be interesting?

extermin8or517d ago

It's in development they've literally as good as confirmed that. When it will be out hiwever that's anyone's guess. I wouldn't be shocked if it's a year one ps5 title- helps to shift units then we see a 3rd game later in the gen.

Rimeskeem518d ago

I guess they are doing games that don’t have planned confirmed sequels yet cause The Last of Us would be on my list. I still will play the shit out of the second but the first one was a great standalone game.

AK91517d ago

Seriously Marvels Spider-Man? The game literally ended by teasing the sequel.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro517d ago

I don't understand. If you find the game so good, why wouldn't you want more?

Z501517d ago

Because adding just for the sake of adding can taint the thing you like.

Look at the Star Wars prequels & sequels.

517d ago
frostypants517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

I disagree. Bad followups don't change my opinion of originals. I still love the films Alien and Aliens even if everything after them has been terrible. Godfather and Godfather Part II will always be classics even if Godfather III was a massive disappointment. Same with Terminator and Terminator 2, and the terrible sequels after those. It's easy to just ignore the lesser followups.

Segata517d ago

Spider-Man ends on begging for a sequel

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The story is too old to be commented.